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Did you know the Allen County Solid Waste Management District offers recycling options for your business's used batteries, fluorescent bulbs and electronics?  

These items can contain mercury and other toxins which must be handled properly to avoid any possible contact with our groundwater. Also, in the state of Indiana, it is actually illegal to put electronics in landfills. 

We have made it convenient for you to go to our website and arrange an appointment to drop off your items at very low cost.
  • Log on to
  • Click on the "Business" tab at the top
  • Go to "Recycling Registration Forms"
  • Choose the appropriate form, fill out, and submit
  • Someone from the District will be in touch with you to arrange a drop off appointment
Through our partnerships with local businesses, there are several options available for residential drop off for recycling of these materials.  Our partners are not equipped to handle material from businesses, however.  

We ask that in order to avoid overwhelming the capacity of those community services, all business recycling be scheduled directly with the District. Please call us with any questions 449-7878.

What is Business Sustainability?
"Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line - a process by which firms manage their financial, social, and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. We extend this definition to capture more than just accounting for environmental and social impacts. Sustainable businesses are resilient, and they create economic value, healthy ecosystems and strong communities. These businesses survive external shocks because they are intimately connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems."


Recycling " Hardware" v "Software"
Recycling in the workplace requires two types of effort.  We can use the analogy of software and hardware. Examples of hardware include waste receptacles and working with a waste hauler to offer recycling. Hardware alone, however, does not do the job. 

A campaign to change behavior (software) also needs to be implemented so that the facilities are used properly. For example, just putting a recycling bin under office desks does nothing besides take up floor space, but adding an awareness and education campaign about what goes in the bin increases recycling rates.

ACSWMD can help your business with the "software" of recycling.  We provide waste stream assessment, recommendations, and education for staff. Just as you have to update your software on your computer or phone periodically, employees needs to be refreshed on the importance of waste reduction and reinvigorated to put in the effort.  

'Tis the Season 

Office Holiday Party Tips:
  • If catering, talk to your caterer about preparing JUST ENOUGH food for your guests instead of the typical 10% over headcount that is made to account for unexpected attendees.
  • Have REUSABLE storage containers on hand to let staff bring home leftovers.
  • Use REUSABLE utensils and serving ware, have a volunteer take things home to wash if facilities aren't available at the office or have everyone BYOPS (bring your own plates and silverware).
  • If there is a gift exchange, use REUSABLE gift bags or more creative containers like decorative tins or fabric.  REDUCE waste by giving items that can be used completely like food, fancy soap, or candles - or experiences like certificates to restaurants, movies, or recreation.
  • Utilize REUSABLE décor or natural COMPOSTABLE décor such as twigs and garlands.
  • If you really overbought, DONATE leftovers to a shelter or unopened items to a food bank.
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