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Wastewater Trunk Line Update for San Martin Neighbors
Greetings San Martin Neighbors!

The purpose of this email is to update you about recent actions taken by the City of Morgan Hill in relation to the wastewater trunk line that runs from Morgan Hill through San Martin to Gilroy to the wastewater treatment plan.

As many of you know, during the large storm events in January and February, there were two incidents of wastewater overflow on Harding Avenue between Cox and Highland. The City of Morgan Hill accepts responsibility for these two incidents and has reported them as required to the necessary agencies.  Teams worked round the clock to prevent the 2nd overflow, but the volume of rain made it impossible.  We take this very seriously and express our sincere apologies to impacted San Martin neighbors

As a result of these recent incidents we have been working to develop better mechanisms for communication with potentially impacted and impacted San Martin neighbors, while at the same time looking for solutions to the systemic problems in our wastewater system and the opportunity to push forward with the long term upgrade of the trunk line that runs through San Martin.

On March 7th, the City of Morgan Hill hosted a community meeting for interested San Martin neighbors to discuss the wastewater overflows and opportunities to better communicate.

Follow-up from March 7th Meeting
  • Wednesday, March 15th the Morgan Hill City Council will receive a report on the wastewater overflows in San Martin and is being asked to accelerate the implementation of the master planned sewer trunk facilities that run through San Martin.   Link to Agenda Item  We encourage all interested San Martin neighbors to come and share your input on this item.
  • The City of Morgan Hill has offered to test all drinking water wells and soil in the areas that have been identified as potentially impacted. Letters were mailed to all potentially impacted San Martin residents today.  Link to Letter
  •  The City of Morgan Hill has established a San Martin neighbors email contact list that neighbors can sign up for at the following link http://bit.ly/2mD10NM .  This list will be used to communicate directly with San Martin neighbors about any potential issues related to the wastewater line and as a way to notify residents if there should be a future overflow.  Letters sharing this information with residents in the potentially impacted areas will be mailed on Monday, 3/13. Link to Letter
  • A webpage on the City of Morgan Hill website has been established for San Martin Neighbors. We are in the process of populating it with pertinent information.  This will also be a place to check for any potential issues with the wastewater line or future overflows. http://morganhill.ca.gov/1608/San-Martin-Neighbors-Information
Still to Come
  • Information on the capacity of the current trunk line
  • An Emergency Action/Communication Plan
  • Researching other communication tools such as Nextdoor, AlertSCC
  • Update from the March 15th City Council meeting and Council actions
  • We anticipate providing information about the above listed items by March 24th.

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about any of the information shared.  We appreciate the opportunity to work collaboratively with you on this important issue.


    Karl Bjarke, Director of Engineering and Utilities

    Dan Repp, Deputy Director Utility Services
    Maureen Tobin, Communications and Engagement Manager
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