One week ago, the first-ever virtual Gala of Hope celebrated the resiliency of youth and adults in Chicago. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, more than $300,000 (and counting) was raised to help Chicago Lights continue to partner with the community to build brighter futures.

Watch the full Gala of Hope at Home, featuring stories from Chicago Lights participants Cadence and Ezekiel, Kaylen, Xavier, and Dave, with host and retired ABC7 news anchor Ron Magers and music provided by the Ken Arlen Evolution Orchestra.
Miss the event night of? There's still time to donate and make a difference!
The Chicago Lights Gala of Hope at Home benefits the life-changing youth development and social service programs of Chicago Lights and the community-support efforts of the Replogle Center
for Counseling and Well-Being.
The 2021 Chicago Lights Gala of Hope at Home
is presented by

Ellen and Paul Gignilliat
Andy McGaan
Mark and Ruth Nelson
Beth Truett and Armon Haagen
Joe Tyler

Andy McGaan
Brian Van Klompenberg and Jen Kurth Van Klompenberg
Glenn and Danielle Richter
Kathryn and Robert Bates  
Ruthi and Gary Beckman 
Michael Belsley and Nina Owen 
Andrew and Donna Brickman  
John and Nancy Buchanan 
DiMeo Schneider & Associates LLC 
Ellen and Paul Gignilliat   
Patsy Habicht and Bill Conlon  
Elinor K. Hite  
Doug Holler and Patrena McGee 
Chris Horsman and Marc Miller 
Cynthia and J. Joho 
Chad and Heidi Tischer 
Joe Tyler 
Nancy A. Abshire
Laura Louise Breyer 
Betsy and David Brint 
Bob and Winnie Crawford 
Jeff and Katie Johnson 
Latherow & Duignan 
John Marr 
Craig Morrison and Debbie Kinzer 
Andrea Person 
Christopher and Sara Pfaff 
Allie and Kevin Armstrong  
Frederic Artwick  
John and Claudia Boatright 
Paul and Pam Boneham  
Kathye Boyle 
Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology 
Clark Costen and Samme Orwig
David and Cara Crosby  
Jan and Lloyd Culbertson 
Hope Daniels  
Owen Deutsch and Rona Talcott 
Lynne Driver 
Robert Edger MD and Gunnbjorg Lavoll MD 
Lewis Flint MD 
Lucy and Tom Forster-Smith 
The Foster Walsh Family 
Ken and Joanne Gaines 
Robert Gertner and Linda Landrum 
Thomas Hawkins 
Marilee Hopkins 
Mary Lenox 
Larry and Karen McCracken 
Dave Miller 
Mark and Ruth Nelson 
Kaylyn and Bill Patterson 
Liz Patterson and Michael Hermsen 
Jane and John Perry 
Playland Music 
Mary Procunier 
Peter Shannon 
Deborah L. Sifferlen and Joseph J. Sifferlen 
Emmy and Steve Stanley 
Ella and Richard Strubel 
Bruce and Chris Stuart 
Jerry Talen 
Larry and Alison Thomas 
Barton and Jennifer Tretheway 
Beth Truett and Armon Haagen 
Linda and Ken Vander Weele 
Donn and Marlene VanDerSchie 
Kenna Walker 
Roger Wilson 
Ken Arlen Evolution Orchestra
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Chicago Lights builds brighter futures for Chicago's youth and adults through supportive relationships and life-changing programs.

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