June 16, 2021
Watch Berkeley Lab Director Mike Witherell
and Department of Energy’s (DOE)
Building Technologies Office
Director David Nemtzow

Explore FLEXLAB via the Self-Guided Virtual Tour

In addition, Mary Ann Piette, Building Technology & Urban Systems division director and Cindy Regnier, FLEXLAB executive director, highlight FLEXLAB's unique capabilities in support of DOE priorities. From testing whole building retrofit systems to improving how buildings can store and share energy with other buildings on the grid, this short video includes expert commentary on FLEXLAB's capabilities.

Learn how FLEXLAB:

  • Enables integrated systems to work together to save time and money for building owners while improving the comfort of building occupants
  • Tests energy transfer and storage in the form of thermal mass, batteries and electric vehicle charging
  • Tests integration of buildings with the grid, saving energy and carbon emissions
"FLEXLAB can do controlled experiments ... and usually we can't do controlled experiments in a building where people are living and working."

Mike Witherell
Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
FLEXLAB Virtual Tour

  • FLEXLAB's building systems and components that can be reconfigured to represent nearly any existing building, energy code condition or new construction design
  • How users of FLEXLAB can study thermal and visual comfort of occupants
  • How FLEXLAB enables real-time comparisons between demand, renewable energy and storage, to improve grid management and provide benefits for both utilities and electricity customers
Contact Cindy Regnier to discuss how FLEXLAB
can work for you.
Cynthia Regnier, Executive Director

Ravi Prasher, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy Technologies Area
Mary Ann Piette, Division Director, Building Technology & Urban Systems