IREM Virtual Industry Partner Focus Event

Featuring Industry Partner Pacific Landscape Management

L earn about Water Conservation Projects & Weather Based Irrigation

Join us August 4th at 9am for a 30 minute virtual session led by our Industry Partner Bob Grover, Pacific Landscape Management. 

  • Learn how weather-based irrigation can save 20% to 40% on your current irrigation water bill.
  • Learn what the water conservation plan is and how it is a valuable investment to reduce your long term water usage.
  • Learn how sometimes changing your landscape is the best way to reduce your irrigation water expense.

Tuesday morning at 9:00 am, we will be presenting a webinar through IREM about your options to improve water conservation of landscape irrigation. We will outline Water Conservation planning and Weather-Based Irrigation which we have been promoting. Water conservation has great ROI as water is the fastest growing utility expense. We can help you save operational expenses through investment in your system. 
After a mild and variable spring and early summer, the heat finally arrived in July. We had seen little drought stress until then and we are now under the hottest, driest weather of the season; putting stress on most irrigation systems. We are seeing a lot of coverage issues as we usually do every July and are working diligently to make repairs and adjustments to systems. However, many of the dry spots are due to aging systems and changing landscapes requiring system modifications to effectively resolve.
As we have discussed and promoted over the past year, we have developed and are promoting Water Conservation Plans. These plans help evaluate a landscape irrigation system to make detailed recommendations that have good return on investment to improve water conservation and save operational dollars.  See our new video that outlines what a water conservation plan is:
This has been one of the most variable springs in recent history where the weather swings back and forth between warm, dry, and rainy. This is classic weather where   Weather-Based Irrigation provides significant savings as it turns on and off the irrigation automatically as the weather changes.  In addition, last week was fairly common where the forecast at the beginning of the week was for dry weather through the weekend, then as the weekend got closer, the forecast changed and we ended up getting rain. It is impossible to keep up with changes with manually programmed controllers as the weather forecast changes. If weather forecasting was a perfect science, it would be easy. However, with the inaccuracy in forecasting and high variability of water need, manually programmed controllers based on these weather forecasts often results in wasted water.   Learn about Weather-Based Irrigation here