Our counselors counseled more than ever in 2018 - over 3,200 sessions. The list of changed lives and trained counselors continues to grow. We are reaching thousands of people a year through counseling, training, online school, conferences, web ministry, and publications.
Our supporters gave over $180,000 to make all this possible in 2018. We are currently $75,000 behind in needed gifts and pledges for biblical counseling ministry in 2019. Vital ministries for 2019 are not yet funded like $40,000 for the benevolence fund that enables us to turn no one away for lack of finances.
Example requests we are receiving WEEKLY!

  • My wife just had back surgery and I was recently released from jail. We live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford much, but our marriage is falling apart. Will you still counsel us? (11/17/18)

  • I’m a single parent and I care for my elderly father on my own, including his expenses and have only my income. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar but I want biblical help. Can I set up an appointment? (11/14/18)

  •  I’m a single mother of four and receive no child support. We are currently staying with a neighbor. My husband walked out - I have nothing to contribute, but I need God’s help. Can you counsel me? (11/23/18)
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"Ray had an anger problem... only God could have done this. ” - Brenda

“We settled to be unhappily married until we learned to focus on our own areas of change. ” - James and Angela
“I lost my two sons to murder - but through the Word of God, I found hope. Our God is a Sovereign God. ” - Michelle
I had a plan to kill myself because of all my childhood hurt and divorce. Through the Pursuing Unity in Conflict, I humbled myself and found hope in Christ!” - Mary
“You prayed me back to life. I was in a dark place.” - Roy to his wife, Maryann , after nine months of separation and Biblical counseling

Watch the amazing outcome when a wife, pastor, biblical counselor and several friends become a tool of repentance to a struggling husband.
I didn’t want to get out of bed …my counselor helped me gain a new view of God and now I am taking training and loving it!” - Kayla