Did you know that many unreliable roofing contractors prey on unsuspecting homeowners in storm areas? We've been seeing more and more of this disturbing trend, especially after major storms that leave homeowners with costly roof damage in need of repair. 
We've put together a blog post with some tell-tale signs of these "storm chasers" and what to look for in a contractor before hiring. The best way to avoid  this roofing scam is to do your own research before hiring. We hope this article will help! 

Follow the One-Third Rule this summer to help your grass survive the extreme heat. The "one-third" rule recommends never removing more than one-third of the grass height at one time.

So, if you normally mow your grass at 2.5 inches, consider raising the mower to 3 inches in the heat of summer. The extra height will help your lawn stay cooler since less plant tissue is being removed. 

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