Greetings employers, 
We hope this message finds you well - taking good care of yourselves, loved ones, and your teams - especially those impacted by the wildfires in our county and throughout the Bay Area. We have weathered a great deal this year, and we wish you strength and resilience as you continue to adjust to new ways of working, schooling, and living - hopefully taking stock of things to be grateful for as well.

Below you can find information on the upcoming September Bike to Wherever Days (2020's modification to what was Bike to Work Day) - as well as the latest info on which of our shuttle routes are currently operating on regular or reduced service, and those that have been suspended.

Thanks again to those of you who participated in last week’s Roadmap to Telework webinar! To recap (and for those of you unable to join), you may download the slides and recording of the presentation here on our homepage. In addition, resources from our speaker, Kate Lister, can be found at Global Workplace Analytics.

Even though we can’t begin “live experimentation” of long-term telework in pandemic conditions, you can start lining up the many ways you'd want to integrate telework into your long-term day-to-day operations, having conversations, and seeing which resonate amongst your teams. Here are some takeaways of what you can begin now:

  1. Be the champions that make the case for telework to your decision-makers and culture keepers. (Yes, self-appoint and find allies.)
  2. Have the conversations to air out all the “sticking points” and find alignment amongst managers on the various situations telework applies or does not, and to whom, and to what degree.
  3. Start/continue the calculations on cost-benefit.

Kate highlighted that telework is merely one doorway to gain better understanding on what defines your operations and culture - how the parts of your organization that are compatible with telework will also impact other areas that do not telework, and vice versa. As we continue planning further offerings on telework, do not hesitate to reach out with your ongoing questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you!
Stay safe and be well, 
Virada & Rebecca
Bike to Wherever Days
Bike to Work Day was postponed from May to September. Instead of celebrating one day, we will celebrate all month long. And, it's been renamed Bike to Wherever Days!

Whether you’re riding for fun, fitness or with family, or taking essential trips to work or shop, you are part of this event. 
Thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission,, and Alaska Airlines, you could win prizes for registering and going on a bike ride with the Love to Ride app this September!
Prizes include Alaska Airlines tickets, Surly Pugsley bike frame, Timbuk2 bike bags, Sports Basement gift certificates, and more.
Shuttle Updates

Most of the shuttles managed by and our partners throughout the county continue to operate during these challenging times. Almost all of the routes are operating with revised schedules due to the reduced service provided by Caltrain and BART. Some routes, including those serving the SSF Ferry Terminal, have been temporarily suspended. Please see the image below for a list of shuttles and their current operating status. Contact our shuttle team at 650-588-1600 or for more information.

Hand sanitizers have been installed on all vehicles, and at present, ridership allows for ample social distancing. reminds passengers to follow these safety measures when riding:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, including onboard and at shuttle stops. This requirement will be strictly enforced.
  • Practice physical distancing when choosing a seat on the shuttle.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
Articles on Public Transit
Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute
Please share with your staff and let us know how we can help! Thanks for your support.