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Georgia recently topped California in feature film production according to a recent study by FilmLA.

Roswell has been certified as a Camera Ready Community since October 2010. Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to work closely with the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, as well as the Greater North Fulton Chamber of C
ommerce, on location requests. The Visitors Center Staff is flexible and knowledgeable, since no two
requests are the same. 

The staff is also able to be confidential and is careful not to divulge locations until the filming is over.  Roswell has been the location for scenes in 'The Accountant' with Ben Affleck and 'American Made' with Tom Cruise. "We work ha rd to be as helpful as we can and to answer requests quickly," states Dotty Etris, executive director. 

Roswell has hosted many TV shows for episodes. 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' filmed at Brookwood Grill, Andretti Indoor Karting and Games, and Canton Street. 'Halt and Catch Fire' filmed scenes at Harp Irish Pub. 'Chrisley Knows Best' has filmed all around town and had a family photo shoot at the Vickery Creek Pedestrian Covered Bridge. 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' filmed a marriage proposal at the Vickery Creek waterfall.

Roswell was used in commercials for Walmart, Quaker State and Strayer University. Thinkfactory shot an independent feature film 'Grantham and Rose'
starring Jake T. Austin and  Marla Gibbs using the kitchen at a private school. They also filmed in the historic town square and used the Visitors Center as a staging area.   

Marsha Saum is the RCVB Camera Ready liasion. For more information click here.
TrilogySouthern Trilogy Giveaway
The "Southern Trilogy", Roswell's Historic House Museums - Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith Plantation - are open to the public for visits and exploration. Closely situated as neighbors in the historic town of Roswell, each home has its own cultural bounty to share and its own part of the Southern Trilogy Story to tell. Majestic trees and grounds, an antebellum garden, and stately homes filled with memorabilia, have withstood the test of time and tell stories that are as unique as the manors themselves.
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Tourism Ambassador Interview 
Becky Nelson grew up in Indiana, met her spouse (a Roswell native) in college and has lived here for 32 years. She is currently the Director of Marketing for Herbert Legal Group, LLC , a local law firm in Roswell specializing in business law with a flat fee format. Ms. Nelson is proud to be one of the first Tourism Ambassadors for the city of Roswell. Below are questions she answered about her experience becoming an Ambassador.
Can you tell me some general things about the Roswell Tourism Ambassador Program?
First off, I was surprised that they haven't had one before. I was very honored to be a charter member. I'm a big Roswell advocate; we live here on purpose. I love the Ambassador program simply because it allows people who have a love for Roswell to very intentionally know more about the community.  We now know more about the Historic homes,  the breweries, the wedding industry, the waterfall, the trails, etc. All the things that drew us to Roswell, to live and/or work, we now know more about.  Most people choose where to live because they are comfortable there....  but it's hard to figure out the "why?". The Tourism Ambassador Program helps, at least for me, figure out what exactly it is that I love about Roswell. I like the trees, I like that we have four seasons, I like that we showcase our history and build around it. Roswell combines the historic with the new. 

Can you tell me more about the training and what that was like? And would you recommend it for anyone else who lives in Roswell?
Oh yes... It was a fun day. We visited all the places that residents say they want to go to even though they never find the time to. We were in all the historic homes, we took the tours. On the bus, in between the tours, we were educated about what was happening next with the historic sites, the nature center and other areas. For instance, what was proposed and how things are moving over the next 12 months or 5 years. It was interesting to learn both sides:  the history and the vision.

What is the favorite thing you learned about Roswell?
I loved learning about the new event space that's behind Bulloch Hall.  It was cool how they created the outdoor space. There is the historic home, the carriage house, and now you have this wonderful, little pond with a pavilion that is lovely for 50-60 people. I love how we are incorporating event or personal venues for parties and gatherings into our historic places instead of bulldozing and building something new.

How do you use the Ambassador Program now? Do you use the knowledge learned, or prior knowledge of Roswell, everyday?
I work for Herbert Legal Group, we are a business law firm, we work with business owners/entrepreneurs of all sizes. Our corporate office is in Roswell because we like the business climate of Roswell! John Herbert, our principal attorney, was actually born and raised in Griffin [Georgia] where we have an additional office. We realized why the city of Roswell and the city of Griffin were good homes for Herbert Legal Group. They were both spared by Sherman in his march through Georgia and many believe he spared them because of their historic nature.

What is one thing you think tourists should come to Roswell to see?
I love all the ways that we use the Chattahoochee now. Whether that is the waterfall, the covered bridge near the Mill which leads into trails that go all the way to the Chattahoochee, and there are options to paddleboard, canoe, picnic. I love that we incorporated, very respectfully, walking or running trails along the river. I think we are a real destination now for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you could come up with an itinerary for a day trip to Roswell, what would that look like?
You want to make sure that you do the following things, not in any particular order: breakfast at The Public House, head down to the waterfall and take a walk across the bridge and the trails on the other side, then come back to Canton Street for lunch at Lazaro's. Then wander the antique shops and the art galleries after visiting the Historic Homes (my favorite is the Smith Plantation). If there are kids, we would visit the playground at Sweet Apple Elementary School or the Sprayground at Riverside Park.

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hydropowerHow Hydropower Created a City
Hydropower is one of the oldest power sources on the planet, generating power when flowing water spins a wheel or turbine. It was used by farmers as far back as ancient Greece for mechanical tasks like grinding grain. Hydropower is also a renewable energy source and produces no air pollution or toxic byproducts. Today, we can understand the impact of hydropower by reviewing the beginning of Roswell, Georgia. Roswell's founder, Roswell King, created the mechanical wonder that was the Roswell Mill Wheel.

Zachary Henderson, A.I.A., who has been an architect for 53 years and lived in Roswell for over 30 years, is one of Roswell's zealous historians.  He was recently interviewed about the importance of the Roswell Mill:

"There would not have been a Roswell, Georgia without the Roswell Mill. Roswell King saw the potential of water power gushing through the canyon and envisioned the economic potential for a mill. King was so focused on his vision that he never built his own home.  While he cultivated his company, he lived with his daughter in Primrose Cottage."

In 1839, the Roswell Manufacturing Company became incorporated and employed approximately 150 operatives at the mill. In 1844, Roswell King died and his son, Barrington King, worked to carry on his father's dream. He served as president of the Roswell Manufacturing Company for twenty-seven years, from its incorporation in 1839 until his death in 1866.

"Roswell Mill ruins are truly a 'Historical Treasure' and the mill wheel was an engineering marvel," said Mr. Henderson.

Here is a brochure on Roswell's Mills .

Although there is no remaining wheel from the original mills, you can see a model of one at the Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau's welcome center on Atlanta Street.
Roswell is Wedding Central  
Roswell, GA has a longstanding tradition of beautiful weddings. One of the first and most famous was the wedding of Mittie Bulloch to Theodore (Thee) Roosevelt in the dining room of Bulloch Hall in 1853. Little did those in attendance know that they were witnessing a union that would produce a United States president, Teddy Roosevelt.
With over 35 premier, one-of-a-kind event facilities, friendly and accommodating lodging, and experienced professionals, it is no wonder Roswell is known as "The Place for Weddings." Historic Roswell has authentic antebellum event venues for brides who want true Southern ambiance. If you prefer petals to the past, explore sites with gardens for outdoor events that bloom with atmosphere. If your taste is more modern and hip, Roswell is all those things too.

Just one call to the Visit Roswell Convention and Visitors Bureau will take your wedding planning stress away. For more information on planning your perfect wedding, call Marsha Saum, Wedding Specialist, at 770-640-3253.
RestaurantSceneRoswell's Restaurant Scene 
The most delicious food from around the world may be as close as Roswell, GA. 

If you have not checked out the restaurants scene in the last few months, you will be
amazed at the bounty of culinary offerings in this city of Modern Spirit and Southern
Soul. There are approximately 300 eating establishments with over 200 of them being independently owned restaurants.

Italian, Mexican, Thai, Malaysian, French, Chinese, Cuban, Japanese and German just
to name a few. If you are not seeking international fare, there is plenty of Southern
farm-to-table downhome vegetable or smoked barbecue, mouth-watering fresh
seafood or all American hotdogs or hamburgers close by.

The bounty of this city's foodie paradise is growing at almost a new restaurant a

Add our website to your phone or computer and you will be a short time away from
satisfying your international appetite without jumping on a plane.


Five Free & Fun Things to enjoy.
Roswell is full of exciting free activities. Here are a few...
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Roswell, GA is all about Southern hospitality, we would love for you to meet the wonderful people at the Visit Roswell CVB and Visitors Center.

Stop by when you get a chance, and they will help you fall in love with Roswell, GA.
For questions on what Roswell has to offer, please feel free to contact the Visitors Center at the number below:
Roswell Visitors Center
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