July 14, 2021
UCC Meets on Historic Resolution -- Watch Live
This week, a historic resolution on Palestine will go to the floor of the General Synod of the United Church of Christ in the U.S.A. Monumental in its scope and unprecedented in its call to action, The "Declaration for a Just Peace Between Palestine and Israel" is grounded in the theology and call to action emerging from Palestine over the past two decades. From the summary:

"It rejects a future imposed by military power, illegal occupation and dispossession, or unilateral annexation of land and the use of an imperialistic theology as justification. The Declaration pronounces Israel’s continued oppression of the Palestinian people a sin, incompatible with the Gospel. It further calls upon Local Churches, Conferences, and Associations to adopt this Declaration as their plumbline to guide their support for the aspirations of our partners in the region and their advocacy with the United States’ government for policies consistent with these principles."

If adopted, the resolution will go to local churches and UCC Regional Conferences to guide education, advocacy, and mission activities.

UK Churches Take Economic Action
The tireless work of Sabeel-Kairos in the United Kingdom is producing breakthroughs in the actions of two major denominations in the UK. In recent decisions, the Uniting Reform Church and the Methodist Church took decisive actions to divest their holdings in companies implicated in the illegal occupation of Palestine. Read the reports on the Sabeel-Kairos website.
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