March 18, 2020
New livestream time: Join us online for the next two Sundays at 10 AM for worship and the sermon!

Watch online for the next two Sundays here. Instead of gathering at church, we encourage you to watch with your family, your small group, or those in your neighborhood who may need the warmth of friendship and Christ’s love during these uncertain times. Let us know you’re with us by using the online connection card and sharing prayer requests. There is also a link to give online to support the ongoing ministry of Hillcrest.
Guest interview during Sunday's service:
Dr. Joe LeMaster
Our very own, Joe LeMaster, MD, is the Public Health Officer for Johnson County, Kansas. We will interview Joe about COVID-19 as part of our Sunday service.
Connect with HCKids here. Since your kids have loads of time, we've loaded our website with the preschool and elementary Bible Story, activities and resources for parents to talk with kids during anxious times.

Hillcrest COVID-19 Response. Because the church is the people and not the building, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus by reaching out and caring for those who are more vulnerable like those who are elderly, health-compromised, under-resourced financially, relationally or in other ways. We encourage those Christ-followers who are healthy and able to lead and minister to your community as God directs.

Connect with our staff team here. We will provide updates on our website, through email, Facebook and Instagram as often as necessary. Our ministry staff will continue to serve our church family during this time.