Summer 2019
Summer Greetings!
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A Taste of African Heritage Updates

To further improve the teacher training experience, we're thrilled to unveil our new ATOAH/ACTOAH teacher training video! It includes more practical tips about cultural competence, best practices for teaching, and a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of what to expect in ATOAH & ACTOAH.

We have updated our teacher training webpage to include this new resource, as all new teachers will be watching this training video instead of the old one. For those of you who have been ambassadors or who have been with Oldways for years, we welcome you to view the video as well!
NEW African Heritage Grocery Store Tour

Our African Heritage Grocery Store Tour Kit teaches shoppers how to navigate supermarket aisles and select foods from the African Heritage Diet Pyramid. Along with the tour kit, we’ve also included a PowerPoint presentation and our African Heritage 101 brochures. Download this FREE store tour kit here.
How to Start Your Next ATOAH Class Series

In 2019 we moved to the next phase of our heritage diet programming and began licensing the program on an annual basis. This means that to teach the classes, organizations can either purchase an annual subscription/license to the digital curriculum , or purchase the printed handbooks in our webstore . (A limited number of free scholarship licenses are also available.)

We also kindly ask all teachers to add all upcoming classes to our online class directory .
Oldways African Heritage Recipe 

Teff is an ancient grain that hails from Ethiopia. The tiny, cocoa-scented grains have a texture similar to grits or cream of wheat when cooked into a porridge. For a Southern twist on this African Heritage dish, we also include sweet potatoes and pecans.

Kelly Toups
Oldways Director of Nutrition