North Orange County Bar Association
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Fullerton Elks Lodge
5:00- 7:00 p.m.

May 25, 2011





The Buzzed.


Put the finishing touches on your work and finish up that meeting.  I know it's only Wednesday, but tonight's the Drink & Blow.  Our subjects have already started drinking.  Come check out the show. 


Schwagadelic, Baby. 


Cornerstone of Southern California will be giving away some great prizes in support of a great cause -- The Orange County Fallen Firefighters' Fund.  Cornerstone is giving away two sets of tickets to a "Badge vs. Firefighters Grappling Duel" August 6th,  which include food, drinks, and a "grappling/wrestling" match between Orange County Fire Team and Orange County Deputy Sheriff's Team. Really? Grappling?  I would pay to see someone wringing their hands and looking like I feel most of the time.



SEAL Team Sexy.


Come support our brave subjects and let them entertain [and educate] you:

  • Dep. District Attorney ANDY BUGMAN
  • Dep. Public Defender ROB FLORY
  • Courtroom Clerk FELICIA BICKNELL
  • OCSD Courtroom Deputy GERRY LOWE

Geronimo? Or Geronimost.


Fullerton Police Officers are -- as we speak-- "dosing" our subjects to take them to new heights of BAC to demonstrate the effects of alcohol on impairment and learn a good bit about what FSTs do and don't reveal about alcohol impairment to mental and physical functioning.  This is equally valuable to the trial lawyer, bench officer, and lay person.  


The Hangover they're sure to have.


Feel free to lend a brother a hand if you see one of our subjects in court tomorrow.  Wait. BOB?!?  Bob, if you read this before court tomorrow:  Don't. Speak.



The meaning of "is.  . . too drunk to drive."


The event was formed to educate those in the legal community on the unpredictability of alcohol's affect on driving. Blood alcohol levels are often claimed to be inaccurate measures of a person's ability to drive.  And many states allow the challenging of BAC results in court. The California Supreme Court's recent decisions concerning challenges to breath tests make this demonstration all the more relevant. Gender, weight and food intake are just a few factors influencing BAC. Some individuals may not be visibly impaired and still be unable to perform critical functions. Others, like me. may display symptoms of mental impairment despite total sobriety.  Whether you're a trial lawyer or just a person who uses the highways, the wet lab will give you valuable insights.



See you in a couple hours!






President, NOCBA

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We stand for the principle that life consists not merely in dreaming dreams of a better tomorrow, but in active and willing service to improve the lives of others and our own.  And that the surest way to true success is through a commitment to excellence, consummate ethics, mutual respect, and dedication to helping others.

Our Mission:


The North Orange County Bar Association is an organization comprised of members of the legal profession dedicated to the promotion of justice through education, communication, and assistance between the courts and the bar, with the goal of creating better understanding and cooperation in support of a mutual commitment to better serve the community.


We strive to achieve our goal in several ways:
  • By providing a clearinghouse for information between the North Justice Center Bench and Bar;
  • By providing a forum for discussion of topics that affect the professionals who work within the North Justice Center; 
  • By providing an informal, enjoyable setting for all associated professionals to meet and foster better cooperation and mutually-beneficial professional relationships;
  • By providing low-cost, highly relevant continuing legal education;
  • By celebrating the work of those heroes among us, who, as we recognize their achievements and example, elevate the professional standards of all in the legal community and inspire us to strive for greatness.


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