September , 2015

  • Super Full Moon Eclipse
  • New Book to be released in November
  • India: The Mystic Center of Earth
  • Journey to Northern India: Next 2 People to register get discounts!!!
  • Off to Egypt!
  • September Message: "The Wonder of You!" through Lee Cook
Super Full Moon Eclipse Tonight
Everybody is talking about it!
How to see this once in a generation 
 Super Full Moon Eclipse tonight!
Our Book Release
will be in November!
Hidden Messages in Nature
by Kristina M Wood 
with Lee Cook
and Forward by Donna Eden, 
author of the best selling book, Energy Medicine
Donna Eden says,
"Reading this wonderful book makes me happy."

India, the Mystic Center of Earth
Read why you need to be 
there  with us!
David Joseph, our guide for Adventurous Spirit Travel's amazing Journey to India in February  has provided us with this excerpt by the Indian mystic, Osho, from his book "India, My Love", as a way to describe the nature of our unique and transformational pilgrimage to India.
There is a spiritual part (to India). Your cameras cannot photograph it; your training, your education cannot capture it. You can go to any country, and you are perfectly capable of meeting  the people, the country, its history, its past - in Germany, in Italy, in France, in England. But you cannot do the same as far as India is concerned. If you try to categorize it with other countries, you have already missed the point, because those countries don't have that spiritual aura. They have not produced a Gautam Buddha, a Mahaviraa, a Neminatha, an Adinatha. They have not produced a Kabir, a Farid, a Dadu. They have produced scientists, they have produced poets, they have produced great artists, they have produced  painters, they have produced all kinds of talented people. But the mystic is India's monopoly; at least up to now it has been so.

And the mystic is a totally different kind of human being. He's not simply a genius, he is not simply a great painter or a great poet - he is a vehicle of the divine, a provocation, an invitation for the divine. He opens the doors for the divine to come in. And for thousands of years, millions of people have opened the doors for the divine to fill the atmosphere of  this country. 

To me, that atmosphere is the REAL India. But to know it, you will have to be in a certain state of mind. When you are meditating, trying to be silent, you are allowing the real India to come in contact with you. Yes, you are right; the way you can find truth in this poor country you cannot find anywhere else. It is utterly poor, and yet spiritually it has such a rich heritage that if you can open your eyes and see that heritage you will be surprised. Perhaps this is the only country which has been deeply concerned with the  evolution of consciousness and nothing else. Every other country has been concerned with a thousand other things. But this country has been one-pointed, a single goal: how human consciousness can be evolved to a point where it meets with the divine; how to bring the human and the divine closer.


Spiritual Journey 
to Northern India
Feb 15 - 28, 2015
F irst 4 people to register
Receive a $300.00 savings discount!
(Just 2 opportunities left for this savings!)

Join us next February, 2016 as we journey through the holy sites of Northern India, February 15 - 28, 2016.  
Optional extension to the Taj Mahal, Feb 13 - 15, 2016. 

In February of 2016, we will take a sacred pilgrimage to Northern India where we will  travel for 2 weeks through the truly potent places of ancient power that exist in Mother India. Accompanied by a practicing Hindu Teacher, David Joseph, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to studying the oldest religion on Earth...we will learn, as we go, about the mythologies which set the stage for the rest of the world's religions. David, our guide, has been to these holy sites many times and they are his spiritual homes. We could not 

go with a more generous and knowledgable  teacher, who knows where to stay, and the most wonderful things to do at every place that we will visit.


Flying in and out of New Delhi, we will first travel to Vrindavan, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and filled with a myriad of potent, gorgeous temples and is teeming with devotees and pilgrims from around the world. Here, David will provide a rich background of Krishna's life and teachings. 


Next we will fly to Varanasi, where we will be staying in the most peaceful location. We will have quick and easy access to the Ganges River and all the magnificent temples and stairways, known as ghats, down the whole length of the river. We will attend the famous and beautiful evening puja/worship service dedicated to Mother Ganges. Varanasi is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and is Lord Shiva's sacred city. There is much more that we will experience at this ancient place.


After a morning ceremonial boat ride down the Ganges, we will travel to Bohd Gaya, the most holy town in the Buddhist world. We will stay here for two days. The Mahabodhi Temple is magnificent and the Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment is at the very center of this special and holy place. Bohd Gaya is filled with pilgrims and many fascinating temples, which represent the very best of all the Buddhist nations. We will spend quiet sessions directly under the Bodhi tree meditating and discussing the life and teachings of Lord Buddha.


From there, we travel to Rishikesh, the "Yoga capital of the world" situated on the Ganges river. The Ganges is just emerging here from the Himalaya foothills and is pristinely clean and filled with sanctity. For three days we will drink deeply from the beauty of this holy city. Rishikesh is the gate through which yogis, sadhus and saints have passed from time immemorial. The entire length of the Ganges is lined with Ashrams and the vibe is exquisite. We  will stay for 3 days taking side trips to Haridwar, and other special places.


Complete Itinerary and prices HERE

Call with questions: 720-217-1829



We will be in Egypt from October 11- 25, studying in the Temples and Pyramids, sailing leisurely with the soft breezes down the Nile on a dahabiyya, learning about Goddess energies, and reconnecting with the roots of our civilization. Follow our journey here.

I will send pictures so check our newsletters!

Angel Message: 
The Wonder of You!
Through Lee Cook


The harvest of your life may include bouquets of flowers and fully ripened fruit and also stickers and weeds and unopened mystery boxes.

As you reflect upon your daily life, allow yourself to be non-judgemental about all of your harvest. Instead, be thankful and curious as to the unique energies that create your life. If you have more weeds than flowers, see if the weeds are from past grudges, lack of love, or beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you.

Be in love with it all and give thanks for the exquisite creation that is your life on Earth.

See a foe as a potential friend; see an error as a learning tool; see yourself as the grain of sand, and the pearl, and the oyster.

All of your life experiences help to create the wonder of you.
We rejoice in your being-ness!

The Angels


Thank You, Until Next Time


"Be grateful for whoever comes, because
each has been sent as a guide from beyond."

---  RUMI

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