Advancing Equity in Rezoning Task Force Meeting #10 - 3-5pm, Wednesday, June 28

With Core Issues Identified, Project Moves into the Next Phase

With your input, the Advancing Equity in Rezoning project team identified the issues within the rezoning process that may result in inequities. The issues were grouped into five categories: public awareness, consideration of public input, process for applicants, review criteria, and equitable outcomes, and they include some of the following:

  • an opportunity to further improve public engagement processes
  • a needed update to confusing criteria used to approve or deny rezonings
  • a new approach to the one-size-fits-all rezoning process for both large and small rezonings
  • consistent application of equity analyses for certain rezonings
Read the Issue Identification Report for More
Read the Community Outreach Summary for Phases I and II

As a reminder, the project goals include updating the rezoning process so that it is transparent, equitable, and accessible for all, identifying rezoning review criteria that inform better decisions and achieve citywide goals, including goals related to equity, and creating requirements that respond to the varied equity impacts of rezonings.

Task Force Meeting #10

The project is now in the "evaluate the alternatives" phase. In this phase, the task force and members of the public will help further evaluate, develop, and provide feedback on recommended changes that can solve for the identified issues.

The next task force meeting is this Wednesday, June 28 from 3-5 p.m. At the upcoming meeting, the task force and project team will discuss tailoring the process to the size and scope of the rezoning. Members of the public are welcome to observe task force meetings and have the opportunity to provide a comment at the end.

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If you can't watch this meeting in real time, we'll send out a recording once it is available. All of the task force meetings are recorded, and agendas, presentations, and notes are also available in the project archive.

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A New Project Consultant

The project team is excited to introduce a new consultant who will help facilitate task force meetings: Elizabeth Suárez from Negotiation Unleased. She'll introduce herself at the upcoming task force meeting.

Further resources

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Why are we doing this work?
As the city grows and changes, buildings and their uses change too. Refreshing the rezoning process will allow us to better incorporate Denver's values and priorities as articulated in Comprehensive Plan 2040andBlueprint Denver, both adopted in 2019. The Advancing Equity in Rezoning project aims to improve transparency and access to the rezoning process, consider the impact of rezonings on neighboring residents and properties, and explore how rezonings can lead to equitable outcomes that better serve all community members, such as access to open space, public transportation, housing and employment opportunities.
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