Trends to watch in 2017
Political schizophrenia | Everyone becomes a food expert
The tech-driven farm | A decade ahead in commodities
  Farmers of the future | Memes we can't wait to end

Political schizophrenia will continue--and worsen? 
Republicans may have swept the 2016 election, but the political climate is far from consensual. Through the next year and beyond food and farm issues will drive apart some traditional natural allies and bring some strange bedfellows together.
Everybody's becoming a food expert--and nobody 
Trumpism is not the cause; it's the result. Congress, banks, organized religion, the news media and other formerly trustworthy institutions have all suffered a marked decline in public trust. Absent those trustworthy institutions, everyone has now become his own food and farming expert. Expect this often unsettling trend to continue.
Trends in farm technology
High-tech farming has officially arrived
The unveiling of the first farmer-free tractor at this year's Husker Harvest Days farm show held in mid September near Alda was just the tip of the technology iceburg coming to today's farms. Here's a look at the trend and what's driving it.
Will we ever be able to trust the price mechanism again_
From 2017 to 2026 in commodity trends
When the Department of Agriculture releases its longterm sector outlook later this month it will give retailers a glimpse a decade ahead into important farm-sector trends. Here's a sneak peak at what the data will show. 
Meet--and refer--some young Nebraska farmers
We believe that young farmers are our future
At risk of going too far out on a limb here, with the average age of the Nebraska farmer now approaching 56 years old, it's obvious where the future of farming will be coming from. Meet a couple of young farm leaders, and take an opportunity to make your own suggestions for recognition of tomorrow's Nebraska farmers. 
Dubious humor trends we can't wait to see die 
For our money, 15 minutes of fame is about 14 minutes and 56 seconds too much for these, the most annoying Internet memes of the previous years. Howbow dah?

Once again, Farmer Goes to Market brings you accurate information on food and ag issues.  Every article in this edition is both informative and interesting. Responsible reporting is important to all of us and FGTM has a track record of reporting the facts and of educating our members in areas where they may not have a complete understanding of how farms operate or why farmers make the choices they do regarding the crops they grow. I would encourage you to read the " High Tech Gadgetry Comes to Farming" article.  It is very informative and really explains the investments our farmer friends are making - both environmentally by adopting efficiencies unheard of in the past and by making sound financial decisions based on the information available to them.
I'm proud of my the fact that I grew up on a farm. I admire farmers who are actually stewards of the land. Farmers continue to protect our environment  and feed the world all at the same time. What an industry!
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