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The World's Fastest and Safest Robot is Here

Did you know Precise Automation's inherently safe robots can be deployed without shielding and can safely work side-by-side with personnel without slowing down?

In this month's newsletter, we're featuring 3 of our top industrial collaborative articulated robots : The PreciseFlex 3400 Collaborative SCARA Robot, the Collaborative Cartesian Robot and the Collaborative Six Axis Robot .

Watch the video below to learn about the unique features of our collaborative robots, and visit our website for detailed information on each robots capabilities including range of motion, repeatability, cycle time and more!
Integrated Machine Control, Multi-Axis Motion, and Visualization
Powerful, integrated, and designed for the global machine market, the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) provides Original Equipment Manufacturers with a standard-based automation solution designed to tackle the most demanding applications.

The PAC consolidates advanced logic, multi-axis motion, signal handling, and web-published visualization into one performance driven solution, thus eliminating the need for unnecessary hardware and communication links, and increasing developer efficiency.

Most importantly the PAC is a real motion controller that easily integrates with any EtherCAT existing hardware , from BeckHoff, Copley or Parker’s own EtherCAT drives !

Visit our website to learn more about key features to the Parker Automation Controller and how our solutions can you help you.
Engineering Corner 💡
Welcome to our Engineering Corner, where we rotate topics every month on specific technologies, solutions and products! This month we're discussing the two main technologies used for precision linear guidance, which are cross-roller bearings and square rail recirculating ball guides (“square rails”). 

Cross rollers employ a non-recirculating method of bearing support and have non-constant support geometry , meaning the moving element may overhang the support base. Features of cross-roller bearings include:
  • Very small frictional resistance and very small difference between static and dynamic friction make cross roller bearings great for minute motion.
  • Exceptional for smooth motion as they do not have recirculating elements which introduce vibration.
  • They are typically used in optical and measurement equipment where high precision movement is required.   

Square rail bearings employ recirculating ball elements that ride in grooves along the side of a precision machined rail. This type of technology is the most common in the precision motion control market due to its versatility and provide:
  • Good stiffness, straightness and flatness though typically not quite as good as the cross roller bearings.
  • They have low friction, no stick-slip and smooth linear motion even under high load.
  • Meet a wide range of needs making them an ideal solution in both high precision and general industrial applications.  

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