Read this then sing this then feel this then live this. You are not your past or your past patterns or habits. Daily meditation teaches us to live in this moment, right now. We focus on the breath because the breath is happening in the present. Always. Even if we stumble, the breath continues to provide a new access point, a place where we can check our baggage at the door and begin anew. Every breath, a chance to start again.

You do not have to continue to carry the weight of the past or worry of the future. You can rise above, float above, transcend the mental trappings that hold you back and down and drain you of your life force, your energy, your gifts, your peace. We offer some form of meditation practice daily at The Studio. And we strongly recommend that you practice at home too. In the morning if possible, when everything seems possible. Do you have a regular meditation practice? If so, we would love to hear about your approach, your schedule, your successes, your challenges. If not, let us know and we can help get you started. (Simply reply to this email and it will go to Kathleen .) This is us...reaching out our hand to yours and giving it a squeeze.
Do it!

Belly laugh and bear hug more. Get swallowed whole by your work (the good kind of swallowed whole.) Pay attention. Have intention. Forget your phone at home. Walk in the woods. Love so big. Buy or barter good speakers and turn the music up loud. Take a risk. Question convention. Move your body. Turn on your mind. Drive to Nashville (and go to the Bluebird Cafe!) Book a trip to Crater Lake and wear your swimsuit down the trail and leap off that very short (8 feet maybe?) cliff into the clearest water you've ever seen. See where you are needed. Lend a hand.

What does all of this have to do with yoga and meditation? In my experience, everything. Both have have helped me wake up and be more alive physically, mentally, spiritually. Like really, really alive. Never forget why you practice.

P.S. If you book a trip to Crater Lake or Nashville, I have a few extra nuggets to share...message me by replying to this email. And of course, I'd be honored to help you navigate your practice or other areas of your life. I offer Private Lessons/Sessions here.

Big love,
No this is not a special effect. This was the aftermath of 108 Sun Salutations on New Years Day. The smiliest, sweatiest, sweetest people.
Boys on ice.
Yes, get out and practice on snow and ice, in trees in leaves in wild wind. Then come in to us and the warmth and big love and hot yoga and room temperature yoga and yoga, yoga, yoga.
Tending and paying attention. Come join us.