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Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Recognizes SSFP Teen Editors

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters recognized the high school-age editors of Simpson Street Free Press with a “2017 Conservation in Action” award at their annual event on June 8. Important SSFP content areas include energy issues and environmental stewardship in Wisconsin. Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Kerry Schumann commended SSFP student reporters for their continuing coverage of news related to Wisconsin’s environment. The event was held at the Goodman Community Center. [Read More]

SSFP to Host ‘Women in Journalism’ Panel Series
A panel of distinguished local journalists will speak to young people at SSFP on June 27. The event takes place at 5:30 p.m. at the SSFP South Towne newsroom. Molly Beck ( Wisconsin State Journal), Amber Walker ( The Capital Times), Judy Davidoff ( Isthmus), and Saira Anwer (WMTV Ch. 15 News) will field questions from student journalists. Parents and students of all ages are welcome. [Read More]
Student Reporter and Columnist Promoted to Adult Editor at SSFP
Longtime SSFP student Sarah Useche was recently promoted to an assistant editor position at SSFP. She launches her SSFP adult career this summer by assisting Taylor Kilgore and Mckenna Kohlenberg with book clubs and writing workshop programs. Sarah will continue to serve as an editor for La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street. A June graduate of Verona Area High School, Sarah starts college at MATC this fall as a part of the school’s Scholars of Promise program. [Read More]
Bill Lueders and the Watchdog
Role of Journalists

Well-known watchdog and journalist, Bill Lueders, holds a roundtable discussion with SSFP student reporters on June 22 at SSFP’s South Towne site. Mr. Lueders is the President of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council and managing editor at The Progressive magazine. The Milwaukee Press Club has recognized Mr. Lueders for his interpretive and business reporting and column writing. [Read More]
The Science of Climate Change: Bob Lindmeier Presents to Simpson Street Students  

WKOW Ch. 27 Chief Meteorologist, Bob Lindmeier, talks with students at 7:00 p.m. on July 13 at SSFP’s South Towne newsroom. Students and parents are welcome. Through slides and other visual aids, Mr. Lindmeier will explain climate change and climate science in interesting ways. [Read More]
Free Press Editors to Discuss Local Achievement Gaps at Madison South Rotary

SSFP student editors will present at Rotary Club of Madison South on June 19. Taylor Kilgore, Mckenna Kohlenberg, and Sarah Useche will discuss the latest research in the field of out-of-school time and how communities can harness the power of after-school/summer learning programs to bridge achievement gaps. Useche is a senior at Verona Area High School, and Kilgore is a senior in the UW-Madison School of Journalism. Both are former SSFP students who live in south Madison. Kohlenberg is a recent UW-Madison grad who will attend UW Law School this fall. She coordinates the SSFP book club network. [Read More]
Free Press Student Reporters Sharon Ruiz and Je’Niya Adams Win District-Wide Awards 
Two Simpson Street Free Press middle school-age reporters were recently recognized with prestigious awards. Sharon Ruiz, of Sennett Middle School and the Sennett Free Press newspaper, was one of four students from MMSD selected for a Sanchez Scholarship. Longtime Free Press writer, Je’Niya Adams of Spring Harbor Middle School, received the Jane Burrows Buffet Scholarship.  [Read More]
Deidre Green Accepts Teaching Job at Black Hawk Middle School

Former SSFP student and longtime managing editor Deidre Green will teach 6th grade English at Black Hawk Middle School starting this fall. Deidre graduates from UW-Madison in August with a Master’s Degree in secondary education. She plans to work at SSFP during summer semesters by coordinating our youth book club network. [Read More]

Six of Seven Sea Turtle Species Face Imminent Threats

by Avery Morford, age 11, Sennett Free Press

Imagine a world without sea turtles. It would certainly be a less interesting place. The sea turtle is amazing, but it is also endangered. In fact, researchers estimate that only 85,000 of these aquatic animals are alive today.

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Después de Fukushima; Plantas y Animales Muestran Cambios en el ADN

por Gabriella Shell, 9 años, La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street

En 2011, un terremoto y un tsunami golpearon a la central nuclear de Fukushima Daiichi en Japón. La radiación se liberó en el medio ambiente y causó muchos daños a la naturaleza. [Leer más]

Surprising Study Finds Young People Actually Willing to Pay for Reliable News

by Sylvan Bachhuber, age 17, Simpson Street Free Pres

Critiques of news organizations have been at the center of recent political and public rhetoric. Nevertheless, a recent poll yielded promising results for the news industry: over half of the population is willing to pay for news.
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Thurgood Marshall: The First African American Supreme Court Justice

by Amie Kabera, age 16, Simpson Street Free Press

In 1967, Thurgood Marshall became the first African American appointed to the United States Supreme Court. Thirteen years earlier, he changed the course of civil rights when he successfully defended Brown vs. Board of Education before the Supreme Court and struck down the doctrine of “separate but equal” in public education. [Read More]

A Significant Chapter in American History: “The Great Migration”

by Aneciea Rucker, age 12, Wright Free Press

Beginning in 1870 and ending in 1910, large groups of African Americans moved from the southern United States to the North. This mass movement was called the ''Great Migration.'' [Read More]

The Pyramid of the Sun Lies in a Teotihuacan Valley

by Yarianie Rodriguez, age 10, Sennett Free Press

The Pyramid of the Sun lies in a valley northwest of Mexico City. It is 207 feet tall, has five levels, and faces the direction of the setting sun. Its top is flat, perhaps because long ago the people who lived here built a temple atop the Pyramid. [Read More]

Dane Country Streams Now Susceptible to Invasive Snails

by Christy Zheng, age 14, Simpson Street Free Press

A tiny creature is making a big splash in Dane County. The New Zealand mud snail was detected for the second time in the area, and officials are becoming concerned about the invasive mollusk. First discovered three years ago in Black Earth Creek, the snail was recently sighted in Badger Mill Creek in Verona. [Read More]