Spring 2019
Working in public schools to surround students with a community of support
Empowering At-Risk Students to Stay In School and Achieve In Life
Letter From the Executive Director

Decay is the most chronic and preventable childhood disease. Too many children experience decay, which impacts a child's ability to grow, learn and thrive. There are longer term impacts to future employment and overall health; people who don’t have teeth, or who have problems with teeth, have a hard time getting a job. Poor oral health affects mental health, esteem, physical health, and social functioning. 

As a partner with SMILE Spokane,  we have been fortunate to receive funding from the Arcora Foundation to address preventing cavities in children. We are the lead agency in Spokane County working with ToothSavers of Washington, Spokane Regional Health District and of course our school district partners to promote dental sealants for children. We are specifically targeting schools with 50% or more free and reduced lunch. After receiving parental consent ToothSavers applies the sealants at school, where the child is, eliminating the transportation barrier faced by so many families.  We have been able to increase the number of children receiving sealants at schools by 300 percent over the last year. The model we have developed will be self sustaining by the end of school year 2020.

We are always looking for more partnerships to help kids. If you would like to partner, please contact me.

At Shaw Middle School an idea to cook lunch in the CIS Site Coordinator's room was brought to attention and it sparked an opportunity for growth. After generating some interest, a group of caseload students made lunch together and sat around a table to talk about school, life outside of school, and future goals.

As a result of this relational activity, two students in particular shifted their goals for higher education that both had previously expressed a desire to be done after high school. Their dreams were fueled after hearing the dreams of their peers. They discussed how school serves as a gateway to what you want to accomplish in life.
Most of the students are struggling academically in one way or another, but some have proclivities in subjects that others are struggling with.

This activity was a great opportunity for students to engage with one another over a meal, providing a space for students to help lift each other up, mend some bridges, make new acquaintances, and encourage one another to pursue their dreams!

-Site Coordinator at Shaw Middle School

It’s a wrap! Our Blue Jean Ball was a blast! Thank you to our generous sponsors and guests who helped us raise $64,000. All of that money will go directly to our program which supports our mission of surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life! The Ryan Larsen Band and Country Swingers made the evening so much fun with great music and dancing. Horizon Credit Union hosted a popular Corn Hole Tournament and gave away great prizes. We had fantastic raffle items and one-of-a-kind live auction items that all found great homes. We hope to see y’all next year for another heel kickin’ good time as we rope in funds, once again for at-risk students in Spokane County.

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors:
  • Inspirus
  • Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Integrus Architecture
  • Broadway Group
  • Washington Trust Bank
  • Horizon Credit Union
  • Avista
  • DAA Northwest
  • Lydig
  • CAL Cars
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Umpqua Bank
  • Numerica Credit Union
  • NAC Architecture
  • Goodale & Barbieri Company
  • Exit Real Estate Professionals
  • Alliant Insurance Services
  • BDO
  • 4Degrees
  • MW Consulting Engineers
  • Wendle Motors
  • Yadon Construction Specialties
  • Hotstart
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Sponsorships now available!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
At the Kalispel Golf and Country Club

If you want to volunteer, donate, or have any questions, please contact Debra Raub at debra@cisspokane.org

Volunteer Needs

Tutors- we need your help coming alon gside high school students helping them achieve in their classes.

Tutor at any of these schools:
  • North Pines Middle School
  • Rogers High School
  • North Central High School

Mentors- Make a difference in a child's life by becoming a PrimeTime Mentor. We have trainings starting in the fall of this upcoming s chool year!

We are so grateful to our faith partners in supporting kids in our community. Check out mentoring in action with our partner Valley Assembly of God.

Resource Coordinators- we need help managing, organizing, sorting, and distributing basic needs items for our site coordinators. This includes food, clothing, and hygiene supplies.

Become a Resource Coordinator at any of these schools:
  • North Pines Middle School
  • McDonald Elementary
  • Sheridan Elementary (Fridays)
  • Garry Middle School
  • Opportunity Elementary
  • Dishman High School (5-10 hours per week running their entire Dishman Outfitters School Store)

Event Committee Members for both upcoming fundraisers- we need your help planning both our summer and spring fundraiser!

Annual Charity Golf Tournament: up to 2 hours per week
Annual Blue Jean Ball Event: up to 2 hours per week

For more information please contact Holly Haneke at holly@cisspokane.org, Michele Compau at michele@cisspokane.org, or Kelley Hinrichs at kelley@cisspokane.org
CISSC Wish List

North Central High School:
  • laundry detergent pods
  • reusable grocery bags
  • water bottles
  • teenage backpacks
  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • undergarments
  • socks
  • leggings
  • shorts
  • sweats
  • towels & washcloths
Wish List continued:

Rogers High School:
  • underwear (men & women)
  • bras (sports & regular)
  • leggings
  • sweatpants
  • Slides (slip on athletic sandals)
  • protein rich snacks
  • miniature fridge

Dishman Hills High School:
  • donations for senior gift bags
  • underwear (men & women)
  • reusable shopping bags
  • spaghetti & alfredo sauce
  • chapstick
  • full size shampoo & conditioner

Medical Lake High School:
  • shoes
  • sizes 12, 13, 14
  • socks
  • underwear (men & women)

Shaw Middle School:
  • shoes
  • deodorant
  • water bottles
  • protein bars/food items
  • underwear (boys & girls)
  • clothing rack
  • leggings
  • hoodies
  • socks

Medical Lake Middle School:
  • snacks
  • underwear

North Pines Middle School:
  • underwear (girls)
  • size M
  • boxer briefs (boys)
  • size M
  • zip-up binders

Sheridan Elementary:
  • deodorant (boys & girls)
  • pants (boys & girls)
  • sizes 4-14
  • chapstick/lip balm
  • socks (boys & girls)

Opportunity Elementary:
  • leggings (girls)
  • sizes 5-12
  • sweats (boys)
  • sizes 5-12

Medical Lake Elementary:
  • snacks
  • underwear

McDonald Elementary:
  • leggings (girls)
  • sizes S, M, L
  • socks
  • sizes S, M, L (pack of each)
  • underwear
  • sizes S, M, L (2 packs of each)
  • lice kits (10 boxes)
  • prizes for attendance incentive box:
  • stickers
  • pencils
  • squishies (follow this link)
  • shampoo & conditioner (10 of each)
  • deodorant (12)
  • rubber bands (24 pack)

Please contact Rebecca Clemens at rebecca@cisspokane.org for donation information

Link arms with us to surround at-risk youth with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Give a gift today!
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Michele Compau, Volunteer Coordinator

Kelley Hinrichs, Volunteer Coordinator

Liz Kennedy, Avista Volunteer