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and the Fetzer Institute

July 30, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Choosing the people you want to support for office is a sacred process. Those who are elected will make decisions that affect you, your loved ones, and future generations.

The second round of U.S. Democratic debates begins this evening (July 30) and continues tomorrow evening (July 31) on CNN. Watching a debate gives you an opportunity to consider what you value and why -- and to engage in spiritual practice no matter what your party affiliation. Voting wisely requires insight, discernment, and even an understanding of what causes you to disagree with certain stances.

We have brought together spiritual practices that help you listen with respect and clarity, maintain a grateful spirit, open your heart to suggestions you haven't considered before, ask meaningful questions, consider your own vision, and much more. We invite you to take a moment to read these practices and consider how to integrate them into your experience of watching the debates:

Thank you for caring about democracy and the role that these debates play in keeping it alive.
Salaam, Shalom, Shanti, Peace,

The Practicing Democracy Project Team

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