March 5, 2021
Relief Bill Fate in US Senate’s Hands
With the Administration’s proposed relief package for coronavirus effects on workers, businesses, and governments now passed the US House of Representatives, the high profile debate falls to the US Senate. Debates about rules and conventions have set the stage for continued negotiations – with most onlookers believing that “what can pass the Senate floor?” is the central question to what can become law. Local governments who have been committing countless resources toward this ongoing effort await flexible support from the federal government in this latest wave, after waiting through months and months of unkept promises. Conduit Street, and our reliable partners at the National Association of Counties, have your coverage.

The goal with data and the use of metrics is to make sense of what’s happening and forecast what’s next.

Or as mentioned by some leaders over the years, you’ve got to “collect the dots and then connect the dots.”

...In his article “The ABCs of Analytics,” David Meer, a partner at Booz Allen, wrote, “Any analysis of data that stops after asking ‘what,’ which is already a big undertaking, isn’t analytics. You have to ask ‘why?’ and ‘what next?’” Read more...

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:

On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast #AfterDark, Kevin Kinnally and Michael Sanderson discuss the latest news and notes from Annapolis, including long floor sessions, busy committee hearings, and multi-day committee voting sessions. Also this week, a look at the process for municipal incorporation/annexation, and why county governments -- and their residents -- have skin in the game. Listen now
Counties In Action
Montgomery receives first shipment of J&J/Janssen COVID vaccine - 1,600 doses
Charles mass vax center opens at the Regency Furniture Stadium
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Hotel in Dorchester vaccinates 5 individuals every 10 minutes
Corporate Partner Corner

Comcast, a Gold MACo Corporate Partner, presents a new exhibit at the Women's Military Memorial, called "The Color of Freedom."
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