Sonoma County Water Agency E-News | August 2017
Sonoma County Water Agency E-News | August 2017
Sonoma County Water Agency Board of Directors Chairwoman Shirlee Zane testified on August 2nd before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources' Subcommittee on Water and Power to discuss the many innovative water supply and drought resilience initiatives the Water Agency is currently implementing. The purpose of the hearing was to examine increasing water security and drought preparedness through infrastructure, management and innovation.
"I was honored to testify and share with the committee the innovative water supply management tools the Sonoma County Water Agency is developing and implementing," said Zane. "Securing our water future means thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to lead by example."
On Tuesday, August 15th, the Sonoma County Water Agency's Board of Directors approved a $19 million contract related to the Bay Area Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information System (AQPI). AQPI will provide more precise rainfall forecasting for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It is estimated that over the last few decades more than 50% of major flooding in the Bay Area, and closer to 70% in the North Bay, has come from atmospheric rivers that often are not detected with conventional, high-aiming S-band, or NEXRAD, radar units that were originally designed for thunderstorms in the Midwest. The new radar system also will give flood control managers, emergency responders, transportation officials and media outlets more precise information on the where, when and the intensity of expected rainfall.
Sonoma County Water Agency General Manager Grant Davis was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to become the Director of the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), effective August 1, 2017. DWR plays an important role in sustaining California's economy, environment and quality of life. DWR operates and maintains the California State Water Project (SWP), which provides drinking water and water to farms. 
On Tuesday, August 1st, the Sonoma County Water Agency Board of Directors named Assistant General Manager Michael Thompson to serve as the agency's interim general manager while a national search is conducted to replace outgoing general manager Grant Davis. Thompson has worked for the Water Agency for 22 years, serving as Assistant General Manager for the past 4 years. His responsibilities include managing the budgets for Water Agency's water supply, sanitation and flood protection systems, directing the Water Agency's infrastructure maintenance program, and leading the Water Agency's strategic planning efforts.

The Water Education Program utilizes a multifaceted approach to help students learn the value of water as an important natural resource. Our programs are free and aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We teach inquiry based, exploratory science. We provide classroom visits, field trips and curriculum materials for students from Transitional Kindergarten to high school, and tours and workshops for college students, teachers and adults. Students and adults visit the Westside Water Education Facility which is next to the Russian River, the Mirabel Fish Ladder and Viewing Gallery which allows students to see live salmon during their migration, and collector six, one of the largest collector wells in the world.  Our goal is for students to become environmental stewards and informed citizen who can assess the world through an inquisitive, scientific lens. Our programs teach students about:
  • The Russian River Watershed, our water supply system and endangered salmon
  • Wastewater treatment and the beneficial uses of recycled water
  • Climate change, water and energy use efficiency
  • Storm drain pollution and the connection to their local creeks which provides habitat, flood control and recreational opportunities
  • Careers in the Water Industry and an opportunity to shadow dozens of Water Agency Professionals
This year, we plan to provide more opportunities for students to visit our new viewing gallery at the Mirabel Fish Ladder. Students will have the rare opportunity to see a cross section of the river from under the water, as well as real migrating salmon as they make their way through the Russian River to spawn.
It is particularly special for students to experience this incredible part of the salmon's life cycle while also learning about it in the classroom. This technique of learning and application helps students understand the importance of water and the environment that we live in.
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Water Supply and Rainfall Update
Cumulative rainfall numbers for the time period of October 1 through August 7:

Ukiah : 52.58" which is 144.25% of average and 18.57' away from breaking record annual total rainfall (WY 1998: 71.15")

Santa Rosa: 60.30" which is 202.42% of average and 4.57" above previous record annual total rainfall (WY 1983: 55.73)
Water Supply
Lake Mendocino : 111,000 acre-feet, 94.6% of target water supply storage

Lake Sonoma : 231,860 acre-feet, 113.5% of target water supply storage
August Events Calendar
  • 8/18/2017 @ 11:00am
    *Special Closed Session
  • 8/22/2017 @8:30am

Employment Opportunities
We invite you to explore the career opportunities available with the Sonoma County Water Agency.
Fact of the Month
100% of the energy used by the Sonoma County Water Agency is produced through renewable and carbon free resources.
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