As discussed in Monday's newsletter, the average price for water in the Portland Metro area haS increased from 61% to 327% over the past 5 years! WATER RATES ARE THE FASTEST GROWING UTILITY COST IN THE PORTLAND METRO AREA!  As you can see from the chart above, all rates have risen, some more than others, and the rates vary widely from city to city. 
As irrigation systems age and the landscape evolves as it matures, changes to the system also can reduce water use and cost. That is why we have developed our Water Conservation Plans. Many system or landscape modifications can lead to significant water savings and have great ROI.

We have developed a water conservation plan program that performs a detailed and thorough evaluation of each site and irrigation system to make the appropriate modifications to the landscaping irrigation system in order to reduce water usage and save operational dollars. These include replacement of obsolete and failing components, converting to drip irrigation and newer technology, adopting weather-based irrigation, and lawn conversion where lawn is impractical to effectively water, regardless of the delivery system. 
See a video outlining our Water Conservation Plans:
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