Water Levels Update
Watch the latest water levels webinar from the  IJC - International Joint Commission . This webinar was presented on Friday, April 3rd.

Topics covered included the current high water conditions and actions taken by the IJC and International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board to reduce the risk of flooding.

The International Joint Commission intends to host an additional webinar on water levels in early May 2020.

Stay informed on the latest water levels news and resources with our Water Levels webpage.
Tell EPA: Now is Not the Time to Suspend Enforcement
Save The River is encouraging members to support this effort by our partners at the Waterkeeper Alliance .

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a sweeping “discretionary” suspension of its enforcement of environmental laws on March 26 pegged to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency’s memorandum suggests it will not hold polluters legally responsible for vital environmental requirements such as monitoring, reporting and limiting discharges of pollution to water and air, if EPA agrees that the noncompliance was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. EPA has set no end date for the policy, which would allow industries to violate federal law without fear of repercussions from the agency.

The effects of this temporary measure may be felt for decades: Once polluted, our water, air, and land can take generations to heal...

Please sign and share this message for EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, telling him now is not the time for EPA to suspend enforcement."

St. Lawrence River Watershed Restoration Plan
The St. Lawrence River Watershed Project is hosting a facilitated webinar to discuss the St. Lawrence River Watershed Revitalization Plan and gather public input. 

This is free and open to the public! Below is the link to come into the meeting and then listen to the plan for prioritization, recommendations and implementation projects. You will have the opportunity to express any thoughts you may have! This meeting is April 15th at 6pm.

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Save The River Executive Director  
Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper
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