Partnerships Confirmed  
Helix Water District, City of El Cajon and San Diego County have each approved new Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs) with Padre Dam Municipal Water District for additional studies on the East County Advanced Water Purification Program. The MOUs commit the program partners to contribute a total of $474,000 toward Padre Dam's existing contract with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants to complete the studies. Previously, the four agencies partnered in the development of a joint planning study for the East County Advanced Water Purification Program.

The new MOUs provide funding for additional engineering, environmental,
regulatory compliance and financial studies to provide important information needed for each partner to independently determine the final feasibility of implementing the first or any subsequent phases of the program.
What a Water Journey!
Girl Scouts squeezing dirty water through filters that mimic the second step of the Advanced Water Purification treatment process.
Our first Girl Scout Water Journey Day in November was a fabulous success with more than 100 Girl Scouts from San Diego County visiting the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility. Scouts learned about the importance of water, the need to conserve and the future of water in East San Diego County.
The Girl Scouts were treated to a unique educational experience to learn about water - where drinking water comes from, where it goes after going down the drain and how we can drink it again by purifying it using advanced technology.
Scouts ranging from second grade to high school visited several education stations that included a guided tour of the Advanced Water Purification Facility, touching membranes and filters, squeezing dirty water through filters to clean the water and playing water learning games.

The November Water Journey Day was so successful that a springtime event was offered and is already full. More Boy and Girl Scout events are being planned! Please email  us if you are interested in signing up.
Tours and Presentations Available
Our tour program has received rave reviews and awards! We would be delighted to provide you and your group a guided tour of our demonstration facility in Santee. If coming to our facility is not possible, we'd be happy to come to you to give you a virtual tour! 
to learn more or give us a call to schedule briefing.  
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