"God has remembered us"
Words of gratitude from a lady in a village that received a well. She continues to express her heart, "I appreciate those who made this possible for having such good hearts. We pray they help others as they have helped us."

"I could not imagine a good life if the borehole well was not dug. We now have the best water and we know that God loves us. I want to serve Him when I grow up.".
"My daughter has had typhoid four times in a row this year. The animals and the people use the same water."

"The water was really bad. Sometimes we could see insects moving but had no money for chemicals. Our children suffered from dysentery."

Before the local well I was late to school every day. I had to walk a long distance and wait in long line to get water for my mother

Wells are shallow borehole wells and dug by hand.
The wells are used not just to give physical clean water but to offer the living water that comes from Jesus Christ.

After the well is dug, a team goes to the village to show the Jesus Film and Wade preaches an evangelistic message from our home by Skype inviting people to make Jesus Lord of their lives.

For those who respond our team is trained to offer them Bible Studies in their homes to lead them to a complete understanding of what Jesus did for them and how they can have eternal life.
Open Air meeting in the rain. Around 400 from the village where we dug a well showed up to see the Jesus film and here Wade preach from the US by Skype.
Wade preaches and evangelistic message from our home in Tennessee to East Africa, India, and Central America by Skype.

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