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March 22, 2017

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Water Protectors leave_ sing
Water Protectors singing as they leave Oceti Sakawin camp on February 22. Photo by CBS News
Of all the demonstrations that have taken place to resist corporate and government incursions on private land, that of the Water Protectors on Standing Rock Sioux land has been notable for its generosity, inclusiveness, and ceremonial mindfulness. From the start, Standing Rock has been about protection of the land and water, rather than a protest against the pipeline that would carry crude oil beneath a lake that supplies drinking water to several communities and through the middle of a sacred burial ground.
In fact, the methods and organization of the Oceti Sakawin camp at Standing Rock have become the gold standard for other groups, often formed by non-natives, who are resisting threats to their own local environments.
In December the Army Corps of Engineers made a surprise announcement that it would halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. For a few weeks it looked as if the Water Protectors had won. But then Donald Trump became president and reversed the decision, and the Corps complied by ordering that the camp be vacated by February 22.

As those who left walked slowly out of the camp, they sang and beat drums. May we take inspiration from this stance that is not about protest but protection... and that meets even defeat with courage and song. 

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