Watershed Newsletter -March 2021-www.pwswcd.org
Fighting Plastic Pollution in Prince William County Waterways
Spring is Here!
A Good Time to Keep our Waterways Clean!
Water Quality Volunteers Make a Difference!

Spring is here, a time for outdoor activities regardless of the challenging conditions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
How much water do we drink daily?
Where does our drinking water come from?
By keeping a pond or a waterway clean in the community, we can make a difference in the neighborhood. Water as a natural resource has no boundaries as shown by the water cycle.

Join the Conservation District's Water Quality Volunteers to promote clean waterways and water quality awareness in Prince William County.

What is your pledge for the Environment ?
* To reduce the use of plastic water bottles?
*To reduce the use of plastic grocery bags?
*To volunteer under the District's Water Quality Programs and promote water quality awareness for the present and future generation?

We can make a change!
**The COVID-19 Protocol will be followed!
Volunteers must register online before attending this event.
Potomac River Watershed Cleanup
Connecting people to their local watershed
The 33rd Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup is scheduled for
April 10th, 202

Join the District for the Potomac Watershed cleanup.
Supplies support is available for any private cleanup on a prefered date. Contact waterquality@pwswcd.org
The Conservation District Benefits from the 2020 Dominion Energy Environmental Education and Stewardship Grant

The Conservation District is proud to be one of the many organizations across Virginia to benefit from the Dominion Energy Environmental Education and Stewardship Grant.
The sum of $15,000 recieved will support the Conservation District's efforts in promoting environmental education and Stewardship in Prince William County.
Troop 964- Neabsco Creek Cleanup - Neabsco Watershed
Manassas 1st Ward- Russia Branch, Manassas Park City - Bull Run Watershed
Environmental Scholarship
The VASWCD Educational Foundation scholarship program promotes the education of Virginia citizens in technical fields with a natural resource conservation and environmental protection emphasis. Annually the Foundation provides four $1000 statewide scholarships in addition to the many local SWCD scholarship opportunities.
Prince William County residents can e-mail their application to: pwswcd@pwswcd.org

Thanks again for making a difference!
Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District is funded by Prince William County Public Works Department, Stormwater Management Branch, and through financial and administrative assistance provided by the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Soil and Water Conservation.
Programs, activities and employment opportunities are available to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or political affiliation. Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.
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