Water Stewardship News & Updates
August 10, 2020
Updates from the CEO Water Mandate and its endorsing companies
Are you a business ready to make a public commitment to water stewardship by endorsing the CEO Water Mandate?
Voices from the Mandate, endorsing companies, NGO partners, and more
By Carla Müller-Zantop, Michael Matosich, Kari Vigerstol, Naabia Ofosu-Amaah, and Gregg Brill

As large users of natural resources, including water, the private sector has disproportionate impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

This virtual five-day conference, organized by the German development cooperation (GIZ), connects relevant stakeholders around key topics on water.
By Joel Makower, Greenbiz Group

Cargill, the giant food and ag conglomerate, last week announced a new set of 2030 corporate water targets, the latest to do so among firms in its sector.
Guidance, tools, case studies, and more from the stewardship community
Developed by Pacific Institute, National Wildlife Federation, & Texas Water Trade

This case study describes the authors' work to engage with stakeholders and identify, evaluate, and communicate co-benefits of rainwater capture in Austin, using the Rain Catcher Pilot Program as an example. 
Developed by The Nature Conservancy

This software program helps to assess how rivers, lakes, and groundwater basins have been affected by human activities over time and assists with evaluating future water management scenarios.
Developed by Environmental Law Institute & Water Foundry

This report is intended to profile the potential opportunities of emerging digital technologies to address the water quality and quantity challenges faced by public and private entities in the Basin.
Join the Water Security through Stewardship Action Platform - a deeper level of engagement in the initiative and water stewardship generally.
Catalog your water efforts, connect to potential partners, share good practices, and more
This project aims to restore severely degraded peatland forests, identify areas for timber plantations, and support local livelihoods by providing jobs in planting, cultivation, and harvesting.