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Winter rainfall has improved water supplies after a historic seven-year drought, and the City has rescinded the Stage Three Drought Emergency. While the water supply condition has improved, conservation remains important to fully recover from the cumulative impacts of the drought, and to preserve water supplies for future dry years. 

Join us for these remaining 101 classes:

Graywater 101: Wednesday, May 29
Water Wise Garden Maintenance 101:
Monday, June 3

Classes are from 7:00-8:30 pm and take place at the Eastside Library located at 1102 E. Montecito.These classes provide an overview of concepts, design, and best practices for water wise gardening.  Classes are taught by Sweetwater Collaborative and are sponsored in part by the City. 
Members of the City Council and Water Commission unveiled the newly renamed El Estero Water Resource Center on Earth Day celebrating recently completed improvements to the wastewater treatment process. El Estero's new name and upgrades reflect the significant role the facility plays in community sustainability by providing resource recovery and protection of the environment and public health. 

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Did you know that in the City of Santa Barbara, property owners are responsible for maintaining their sewer lateral from their house or building to the public sewer main? This important maintenance responsibility also includes the connection fitting, or "wye" that attaches the lateral to the public sewer main pipe. 

Many laterals in Santa Barbara are over 50 years old and may begin deteriorating, allowing roots or groundwater infiltration to enter the sewer system and cause sewage spills if not caught before. To learn more about sewer laterals and repair information, please visit our Sewer Lateral Inspection Program webpage. 
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