Spring Freshet Newsletter - March 2017
Spring has sprung and with it comes the freshet.

As snow pack melts, the ground remains frozen and cannot absorb much of this melt-water. That means most of it makes its way into our rivers, lakes and streams, which can be good and bad.

While this cool water can be a source of renewal for streams, it also carries debris, organic matter and contaminants with it. It's important that we sample at our sites during this time period, as it will show us how this rapid influx of runoff affects the water quality in our sample.

- Meagan
Year Two Water Quality Report
Summary of Findings and Recommendations
The 2016 Water Quality Report is complete and available to read.  Thanks to everyone who worked hard to collect these results in 2016. Thanks to Meagan Coughlin for everything she does for this project, including her work on this report.    Read the full Report Here
Spring Refresher Course
It's been a long winter, are you feeling a little rusty?  Team members who have already taken the full day training are invited to a two hour refresher course. Optional.  Just fill out this doodle poll with all the dates that work for you.
New Volunteer Training

This will be a full day session for new members of the Water Team.  Please fill out this Doodle Poll with all the dates that work for you. 
Simcoe Watershed Art Project - Watershed Sci

April 29 to July 16
Orillia Museum of Art & History, 30 Peter St. S.

Opening Reception:  Thursday May 4, 2017  7 - 9 pm  

As many of you know, Water Team member Jennie Clark is also a driving force behind the Simcoe Watershed Art Project. She is currently involved in the Watershed Sci exhibit which aims to:  link art practice and scientific research exploring the ecosystems of Lake Couchiching and lake Simcoe, to generate a greater understanding of water quality issues.

Jennie's site on the Talbot River at Doyle Road has served as her inspiration for the pieces she will have on display at this exhibit, along with:
-Roger Kerslake                 -Sarah Uffelmann         -Peter Miehm
-Bewabon Shilling               -Travis Shilling              -Heather Kerslake
-Joanna McEwen                -Peter McEwen              -Luci Dilkus
-Karen Wild                        -Tanya Cunnington

Muskoka Watershed Council's Annual Stewardship Conference

This full day event is always interesting with top-notch speakers and low registration fees.