Susan Rungren, Ventura Water General Manager
Ventura's Water Security Requires Investment
"Did you know Ventura is one of the largest cities in Southern California to rely solely on local water supplies? Rainfall feeds the Ventura River, Lake Casitas, and local groundwater basins to meet all the water needs of our community. Water is at the core of our identity and the future of its security is in jeopardy. 

Although our community’s conservation efforts have reduced water use by 20 percent, Ventura’s rain-dependent water supplies remain vulnerable to future droughts.

To maintain essential services and protect our water resources, Ventura must continually invest in our water and wastewater systems. Investments will allow us to improve water quality, replace old pipelines and aging infrastructure, meet regulatory requirements, and secure water supply for the future." Read full article.
The City repurposes 200,000 gallons of water!
Ventura Water and the City of Ventura Parks and Recreation have partnered to re-purpose an estimated 200,000 gallons of water during the annual mainline flushing program!

Water main flushing is an important maintenance process that cleans out sediment and corrosion that adheres to pipes over time. In total, the City of Ventura will be flushing at approximately 200 locations where water mains end and pose water quality challenges.

Rather than allowing water to go to waste, it will be collected in the City’s Urban Forestry truck used to irrigate grass and trees at Arroyo Verde Park, Camino Real Park, Barranca Vista, Chumash Park, Hobart Park, and Community Park.
Left to right: Vince Ines, Wastewater Utility Manager, Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor, Joe Barajas
Wastewater Collection System of the Year!
Ventura Water was awarded the 2020 Wastewater Collection System of the year by the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Tri-Counties section!

The wastewater collection team is responsible for maintaining Ventura's 300+ miles of sewer pipelines and 11 pump stations. This crew works around the clock to protect the environment and public health.

"While this year has been met with many challenges due to COVID-19, this crew performed just as efficiently and productively as in previous years and continue to humbly serve our community," stated Wastewater Utility Manager Vince Ines. 
VenturaWaterPure is selected to apply for
Federal Loan Program
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that the City of Ventura’s potable reuse project, VenturaWaterPure, is among the 55 projects across 20 states invited to apply for Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loans.

Among hundreds of projects nationwide, VenturaWaterPure is being recognized as an innovative infrastructure project that protects the environment, improves water quality, and offers sustainable water supply solutions to our community," said Ventura Water General Manager Susan Rungren.

WIFIA is a federal credit program that offers low-interest loans to finance clean water and drinking water infrastructure projects across the United States. View Full Press Release.
Save water by converting to drip irrigation! Ventura Water customers can apply to have a professional replace existing pop-up sprinklers with drip irrigation to improve water efficiency by up to 30%. To participate, submit the following materials:

  • Complete Application
  • A copy of your Ventura Water bill
  • A picture of the planted area in each station that will be converted to drip irrigation.

Submit materials to or mail to 1751 S. Grand Ave. Glendora, CA 91740. For additional questions, contact (866) 983-9232.
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