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Sharon Waller is running for MWRD Commissioner in Cook County, IL in the 2022 Primary

If elected, I’ll be the only engineer on the board.

I'm running for clean water, flood management, & innovation before taxation. 

waller4water is a great ballot name.

Erratum to 1/24/22 e-Newsletter: this copy includes editorial corrections in the clean water section


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Can you collect in your "bubble"? Can you organize a petition signing event? A drive-thru or sidewalk event could be a great way to connect with neighbors during a cold pandemic winter. How about a gathering at your favorite coffeehouse?

Please ask your friends to help, and let them know petitions need to be notarized (this seems to be the biggest "ask").

Petition Help Needed!!!

Act now if you want an engineer on the ballot for your water.

This is crunch time on petitions, and signatures have been going slow to due weather and COVID restrictions. I need 100 people to collect 100 signatures from Cook County residents and get them notarized. If you can't commit at that level, every signature gets us closer to our goal and is appreciated. There are 40 days remaining to get 5,770 signatures for MWRD compared to 3,250 signatures required for the governor (times three to withstand challenges). Notarize your petitions at The Atlantic located at 5062 N Lincoln Ave on Sunday, Jan 30 at 3 pm and tentatively on Sundays in February - same time & place.


Real-time Signature Tracker

Our real-time signature tracker tool will keep us on track to meet our goal.

Sig Tracker

Signature Leader Board

  • First place - Jeanne
  • Second place - Peg
  • Third place - Bill & Richard


Volunteer Appreciation

Big thank yous all around!

  • Notaries are scare, so I’m super grateful to Mary Claire and Jessica.
  • Thanks to Beth for volunteering to cover her block on Mozart
  • Thanks to Ward 47 Dems for their support and working to make our political process more transparent and "of the people, for the people, and by the people"!   

My Issues in the News...

Flood Management

In my childhood home, we measured basement backups by the number of stairs covered. The “deep tunnel” (our term of endearment for the Tunnel and Reservoir Project, or TARP) eliminated our basement backup flooding. 

McCook Reservoir Livestream

What am I doing about it? I eliminated basement backup flooding in my current home with green infrastructure. If elected, I will advocate for increased funding for green alleys. I'll spotlight innovative residential green infrastructure solutions and create a library for homeowners.


Cleaner Water

Nutrient reduction can improve water quality and protect jobs in the Gulf region.

Nature Conservancy

Real-time monitoring in the Chicago River is the first step towards progress.


Shhh... the probes are hibernating for the winter.

What am I doing about it? I worked with Sierra Club to create a simple nutrient assessment plan template to assist smaller municipal wastewater agencies to comply with long-term phosphorus reduction goals. I'm exploring simple models of water quality trading credits to provide a funding mechanism for watershed-wide improvements.

Innovation before taxation for our Blue Economy

Pure Water Oceanside will purify recycled water to create a new, local source of high-quality drinking water that is clean, safe, drought-proof, and environmentally sound. 

Potable water reuse in Oceanside

What have I done about it? I have authored design guidelines for potable water reuse. This inspired me to advocate for water policy in IL following existing policy in 34 states. We need water policy to grow our Blue Economy and protect our water quality.

Chicago's Blue Economy

Lead Service Line Replacement

Call your state rep and let them know you support HB 4295 trailer which will make replacing lead service lines easier and more affordable.

HB4295 Trailer Fact Sheet

Request a tap water test
LSLR HB4295 trailer.jpg

What have I done about it? I have formed the Water PAC to endorse state reps and senators who support lead service line replacement legislation and long-term funding. Water PAC proudly endorses IL 16th District Representative Denyse Wang Stoneback.

COVID Update...

Chi flag_COVID.jpg

COVID Dashboard shows cases (-48%), hospitalization (-28%), deaths (-22%), and positivity rate are all falling. The current positivity rate is 7.9% as of Jan 25.


COVID surveillance in Chicago wastewater

CDPH’s wastewater surveillance strategy is multilayered.

  1. Wastewater treatment plants that serve Chicago residents are tested.
  2. Local sewers are monitored for neighborhood trends
  3. Some specific high-risk facilities are tested

Happy Birthday to Me...

I’m throwing myself a virtual birthday party on Feb 7 at 6 pm. I'll be out collecting signatures, so this will be a quick chat from the street with no fancy programming planned. Instead of a card, please consider donating to my campaign. Every dollar reaches one voter ($0.40 stamp + postcard).

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