May 16, 2019
Water, Safety, Lost and Found, and
Tipping Fees Update

As we move into the May-24 long weekend, water levels on Lake of Bays are still high, but falling. For Real Time Water Levels information at Baysville, click here .

There are no restrictions on boating on the lake, however we continue to encourage residents NOT to boat on the lake unless absolutely necessary. When the water is high, wakes are particularly destructive to shorelines and shoreline structures. Some additional boating safety tips:

  • Before launching your boat, do a visual inspection of your dock to ensure cribs are in place and there are no underwater hazards.
  • We encourage boaters to wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) at all times, but this is particularly important now when the water is extremely cold.
  • Watch out for floating and partially submerged debris. Have a look-out in the bow of your boat and travel at low speeds.
  • We believe that some navigation markers are missing on the lake. If you are aware of a missing marker, please let us know the exact location and type of marker so that we can contact the Coast Guard. You can refer to this map to identify markers. If you are driving in an unfamiliar part of the lake, be aware that markers may be missing.

Lost and Found
We have heard from lake residents who have both lost and found personal items and dock structures. Please contact LOBA ( ) with pictures, originating or found location, and contact information so that we can post the information on our website . We also remind residents that you are responsible for picking up dock structures that have floated away from your property.

Tipping Fees
To assist Lake of Bays property owners with clean-up resulting from the 2019 flooding, the Township of Lake of Bays and the Town of Huntsville (depending on where your property is) will be issuing one (1) Waste Disposal Voucher per property to provide no-charge disposal of flood damaged waste at District Transfer Stations. The voucher is valid to dispose of up to one half-ton truck and single-axle trailer load (or equivalent) of flood-related debris. You can pick up your voucher at:

  • Township of Lake of Bays, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (statutory holidays excluded) from the Township office, 1012 Dwight Beach Road, Dwight. Click here for more details.
  • Town of Huntsville from the Town Hall, 37 Main Street East, 3rd Floor, Huntsville or the Canada Summit Centre, 20 Park Drive, Huntsville. Click here for more details.

LOBA presents at
Regional Government review public consultation
As we have let you know previously, the District of Muskoka is one of eight regions (Halton, York, Durham, Waterloo, Niagara, Peel, Oxford County) plus Simcoe County, undergoing a Regional Government review.
The Ontario government has invited residents of Muskoka and the eight other regions, to provide “local input on how to improve governance, decision-making and service delivery for regional governments and member municipalities.” The province has extended the deadline for people to make comments to May 21, 2019, and you can do so at this Government of Ontario site .

On Tuesday May 14 there was an opportunity for the public and organizations to present to the Special Advisors leading the Regional Government review. Mary Ann Peden, President of LOBA spoke on behalf of the Association, along with three other associations and three individuals. You can read our comments in letter form here
Start snapping for the 2019 photo contest!

Now that summer has begun, start taking shots for the Lake of Bays Association 2019 photo contest.

LIFE at the LAKE : people, pets and dwellings
NATURE : wild plants and animals
LANDSCAPE : land, water and sky

And while you are snapping shots for the contest, remember LOBA is now on Instagram. Follow and tag us in your favourite Lake of Bays memories. @lakeofbaysassociation
Reading, interesting links and events
Spin the Lakes Cycle Tour , Saturday May 25

Township of Lake of Bays
Public Notice Board , May 16, 2019
Harbinger of Summer!

Wishing you and yours a lovely long weekend
and a wonderful summer.
The purpose of the Lake of Bays Association is to promote, sustain and enhance a clean and healthy natural environment, a well serviced community and a safe and peaceful Lake of Bays.

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