"Helping to build sustainable communities"

At the Wayuu Taya Foundation, we continue with our Free Water Program for the Communities which we do through tank trucks that transport clean water extracted from our own well in Mara. So far, this program has benefited 4,071 people.


Our program is sustainable and helps many families in extreme poverty. For each water tank sold in Zulia State in Venezuela, at $40, we deliver free water to schools, churches, health centers and nursing homes.


Thanks to the continuous food supply program, we have delivered in this first semester more than 84,659 kg of vegetables, fruits and grains.


In 2022, the foundation distributed medicine and supplies in 12 states in Venezuela, reaching 11,045 people.


During this month, we are continuing with the pilot plan for biointensive crops in our Apüna farm led by engineer Osmer Arria.


We carried out educational workshops with the children of the Camuro Sector, Tamare Parish in the community of Mara. The cycles of essential crops were explained to the children - products such as guajirero beans, pumpkin, corn, and cassava - while emphasizing the positive effects of this practice in improving the quality of life in the community.

Thanks to your contribution, we will continue to bring hope and a future to the most vulnerable communities.



And a special thank you to all of our allies who have contributed so much to allow us to help our community.  Acceso, CORE, Giustra Foundation, World Central Kitchen, AidLive, Global Giving, Direct Relief, Warner Bros. Discovery, FedEx, Center for Disaster Philanthropy and many more.

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