November 1, 2016
New Incentive Available for Sustainable Landscape Projects
The San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program partnership is offering a new, grant-funded financial incentive for qualified participants who upgrade residential turf lawns to landscapes that provide multiple environmental benefits.

Incentive recipients are required to comply with a set of rigorous design criteria that includes water-efficient plants and irrigation equipment, rainwater capture and detention features, and soil amendments that improve water efficiency. Qualified applicants can receive up to $1.75 per square foot toward eligible project costs for upgrading 500 to 3,000 square feet of existing turf areas. Funding for incentives is limited, and will be reserved for completed and approved applications on a first-come, first-served basis. 
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Trim Irrigation Times to Live WaterSmart
Autumn means it's time to put away the sunscreen, sunbrellas and summer water-use habits. Plants typically need less water as the days get shorter and cooler, making this the right time to cut back your irrigation schedule. Outdoor watering accounts for more than half of a typical household's water use in California. Seasonal adjustments to irrigation controllers can reduce water waste and lead to healthier landscapes.
An important related water-saving practice this time of year is turning off irrigation systems when rainstorms are predicted and leaving them off for at least 48 hours after significant rainfall. is filled with additional information about how to maximize water-use efficiency. It includes incentives, tools and classes designed to inspire, educate and empower homeowners to Live WaterSmart in their homes and gardens. 
AMWA President Scott Potter presents Water Authority General Manager Maureen Stapleton with the Sustainable Utility Management Award.
Did you see?

The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies awarded the Water Authority the top national award at the AMWA 2016 Executive Management Conference on Oct. 17.

"San Diego County Water Authority's sustainability mindset saves ratepayers money, reduces the environmental impacts of projects and operations, conserves energy and water, and helps the agency thrive in a changing climate," AMWA stated in its announcement of the Sustainable Water Utility Management Award.

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