December 1, 2016
State Draft Plan Seeks Permanent Conservation Measures
State agencies on Nov. 30 released a draft plan
to make water conservation a way of life in California by setting standards for achieving long-term water-use efficiency. The draft plan is designed to help the state use water more wisely, eliminate water waste, strengthen local drought resilience, and improve agricultural water-use efficiency and drought planning.

The state is accepting public comments on the draft plan through Dec. 19. The Water Authority is reviewing the 72-page document and expects to provide comments to the state by that deadline.  
Pipeline Project Moves Toward Completion
Improving the reliability of the water delivery system and enhancing its flexibility are central goals of the Water Authority's Nob Hill Pipeline Improvements Project, which began in late 2015. The project involves replacing two  existing pipeline sections with one pipeline at a lower elevation in the Nob Hill area of Scripps Ranch.

The Water Authority's contractor blasted through solid rock to create a tunnel for the new pipeline. The contractor precisely controlled rock blasting to ensure the safety of nearby structures and an in-service Water Authority pipeline. New pipe sections are being installed and the project is on schedule for completion in early 2017.  
Rainstorms Give Region Opportunity to Turn Off Sprinklers
With heavy rain and cooler temperatures around the county in recent days, residents and businesses can turn off irrigation systems to save water. Sprinklers can remain off for a few weeks, or until the top one to two inches of soil are dry. 
Did you see?

The rainy season is off to its wettest start in 40 years in the northern Sierra Nevada, a critical area for state water supplies. "However, the strong start doesn't guarantee an end to the drought, or even meaningful relief," the Sacramento Bee reported this week. "Already, there are signs of a slowdown: Despite the wet Thanksgiving weekend, November has been relatively dry, with the Sacramento area getting only about half the normal rainfall."

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