November 19, 2018
Tearing Out the Turf: 1 Million Square Feet Targeted for Removal

San Diego County residents have targeted more than 1 million square feet of turf grass for replacement with WaterSmart landscaping through free landscape makeover classes sponsored by the Water Authority.

In the past five years, 947 homeowners have completed the WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series, which includes identifying turf areas for replacement with low-water use landscaping. Participants work one-on-one with local landscape architects to complete design and irrigation plans.

"We have documented about a 33 percent water savings in those plans," said Joni German, water resources specialist. "The total water savings realized from removing 1 million square feet or turf is equal to 36.5 million gallons per year, or 112 acre-feet annually."

Water Authority Highlights Staff in "Faces of the Water Industry"

More than 2,800 men and women work in the water and wastewater sector for the Water Authority and its member agencies. Over the next few weeks, the Water Authority is highlighting its staff and employees at its member agencies through a series of social media posts called Faces of the Water Industry.

During this holiday season, it's one small way that we give thanks for the water professionals who ensure the San Diego region has a safe and reliable water supply each and every day.
Did You See?

On Oct. 31, the Ramona Sentinel published a column by Water Authority Board Chair Jim Madaffer about the region's water supplies.

"A welcome rainstorm in mid-October provided the first significant relief from months of very hot and dry weather — and then the weather turned hot and dry once again," said Madaffer. " As we look toward the rainy season, it’s worth taking stock of why we have sufficient supplies for 2019 regardless of the weather. "

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