August 7, 2017
Water Authority Moves Forward with Milestone Pipeline Relining 
The Water Authority's Board of Directors on July 27 approved a milestone project in the agency's Pipeline Relining Program, authorizing a construction contract to rehabilitate more than four miles of large-diameter pipeline between Lake Murray and Sweetwater Reservoir.

The $28.6 million project will start in September and conclude in summer 2018. It is part of the Water Authority's multi-decade program to rehabilitate prestressed concrete cylinder pipeline (PCCP) within the agency's conveyance system with steel liners. The liners will extend the pipeline's service life and ensure continued system reliability. When the upcoming project is complete, the Water Authority will have rehabilitated approximately 45 miles of PCCP and passed the halfway point of achieving its goal of relining all 82 miles of this type of pipeline in the agency's system.

Help Your Trees Weather the Summer

Landscape trees across the San Diego region suffered during the recent multi-year drought, and it's time to help them recover. Maintaining our urban forest is critical to the region's quality of life, because it provides many benefits -- from improving air and water quality to increasing property values and saving energy. Trees take a long time to grow, and without the proper tree care and maintenance, we risk losing these benefits.

Here are a few ways you can help your trees thrive:

  • Water deeply. Irrigate mature trees 1 foot deep once or twice a month during the summer. 
  • Spread it out. Irrigate at the edge of the tree canopy.
  • Take care. Trees in areas without sprinklers or that share irrigation zones with grass likely require additional deep irrigation.
  • Add organics. Spread compost and mulch around trees to decrease evaporation and reduce soil temperatures.
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Register for WaterSmart Landscape Design for Homeowners Workshop

Learn how to transform your yard into a beautiful, water-saving landscape at one of the Water Authority's free 3-hour workshops taught by a local landscape expert. The curriculum addresses how to convert turf areas into water-efficient landscapes; select plants that thrive in San Diego's Mediterranean climate; identify soil types; irrigate efficiently; and create a professional design ready for installation.

Upcoming classes are: 
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Get the Facts about Fiscal Problems at MWD provides the latest information about the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a secretive agency that sells water for 19 million people from Ventura to San Diego County. Over the past few years, MWD has overcharged ratepayers by $827 million, overspent its budget by $1.2 billion and authorized unplanned borrowing of $900 million.

The Water Authority created to provide facts and documents that shed light on fiscal problems at MWD. Learn more by following @MWDFacts on Twitter and liking MWD Facts on Facebook.

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Did You See?

The San Diego Union-Tribune published a commentary by the mayors of Carlsbad, El Cajon, National City and Poway about what's at stake in the Water Authority's rate case litigation against the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

"While MWD says no ratepayers win when large water agencies spend years in court, the reality is that under MWD's current rates, some agencies do win," the article states. "In fact, all MWD's other customers benefit to San Diego's detriment when MWD adds the costs of its State Water Project supplies onto the cost of transporting our independent water supplies from the Colorado River."

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