Tom Lynch, Boca Impressions, watercolor on paper
The Secrets of Plein Air and Studio Watercolor Painting

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I am an art and workshop junkie of more than 25 years over our beautiful world.
-Not one of these great places made me happier every day than Casa de los Artistas. I follow Tom Lynch around the world not just because he is one of the worlds greatest watercolorists and instructors, but because he finds the greatest places ever for his classes. Thank you Tom for finding the best of the lot, Casa de los Artistas.” –  Norm Stahl, Bayshore, N.Y. return participant in 2 Tom Lynch workshops at the Casa, the first in 2011!

If you haven't experienced a workshop at the Casa, or want a feel for one of Toms' workshops here, check out this video on his website that he put together from a few of his workshops at the Casa. Click Here or the photo below and scroll to the bottom of the page to Casa Promo 2.
Tom and participants working in the Casa open air studio, with views of the mountains, river, village and ocean.

Tom shares a wealth of information with his students from his many years of painting and teaching watercolor. He has been referred to as one of the nation's premier watercolorists. He has written 7 books and hosted several award winning PBS TV Art Series. He was listed as one of the nation's top 20 teachers by American Artist Magazine and is often consulted for his expertise. He is represented by some of the nation's leading museums and art galleries. He has been the spokesperson for the entire National Art Materials Trade Association and has also developed tools for the watercolor and plein air painter, (see more on this below).

In this Octobers issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine, on page 19, Tom shares an exercise for breaking through creative block in the article, "Stoking the Creative Fire". Using a Sketch and Wash pencil, (from Generals), Tom will create a value "sketch" - they are really very beautiful value paintings, combining the unique pencil with a brush and water, where, at times he will introduce one color. I you have ever taken any of my classes you know this is one of my favorite plein air travel tools, especially if I am taking a long or arduous hike and don't want to carry a backpack with easel, paints etc. You can create a finished work that looks like a finished tonal ink painting. In fact, for many years, whenever I leave my house I have a bag that has a sketchbook, a graphite wash pencil, (either a Generals, a Derwent Graphitone Pencil, or the Derwent Inktense, (comes in many colors - try the Chinese Ink), or some other brand) and a waterbrush or 2, from the simple/cheap but efficient Sakura Koi or the Pentel to the more expensive Faber-Castell or the Holbein with long bristles and good water flow, (you don't even need a water source for these as it is in the brush, that's why they call it a waterbrush, great for airplane sketches).

Tom is a master draftsman and expert at creating a variety of marks and subtle nuances and values with the Sketch and Wash. If you haven't seen it already, take a look at this video on our Casa Youtube that we made of Tom a few years ago as he created a beautiful sketch and wash painting during our excursion to the quaint mountain town of El Tuito, click here or the photo below.
Toms' Sketch and Wash painting on location in El Tuito
"As the former director of the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art & Art League, Brownsville, Texas, I highly recommend the Casa de los Artistas experience for artists and art enthusiasts…It is rare to find a place where a woman can travel by herself and feel totally secure. The Casa is a user friendly, secure destination, where traveling to and from is easy and the stay comfortable and tranquil. The Casa experience and art instruction is a life enriching experience that should not be missed!”
–  Carol DeMoss, Brownsville, Texas, participant in Tom Lynch Casa week

Take Advantage of a Rare Occasion to Spend a Week Painting with

Not just Another Art Workshop
The Casa is a Unique Artistic and Cultural Experience!

" The Casa is a Breath of Fresh air among the world of ordinary workshops "
- Tom Lynch

  • Experience Tom's years of painting and teaching experience and his relaxed teaching style as he imparts a wealth of information

  • Learn the importance of sketches and value studies and simple processes and special tools Tom uses to execute them

  • Learn about composition and the importance of value change

  • How to make your darks have punch, color choice and mixing

  • Witness & Learn as Tom Demos each day a variety of techniques and methods and gives you exercises to stretch and grow as a painter

  • Colors and Mixing - Learn why Tom uses certain colors and how he applies them, why he avoids staining colors and is judicious in applying opaque color

  • Tom shares a wealth of technical information and practical Hands on" watercolor painting tips

  • Brushes - What Tom looks for in a brush and his choice of brushes, (and why he often uses a flat brush)

  • Techniques - Tom Shares a variety of tools and techniques for special effects and shows you how and where they are best used

  • Experience how Tom paints in plein air and what he chooses to photograph while you join him at Wonderful Locations, on the Boca Beach, Sketching/Painting and Dining at the Award Wining Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, having Lunch at their Mt. Hacienda Restaurant and more.

  • Paint in the Fabulous Casa Open Air Studio with views of the Mountains, Village and Ocean as well as at other Exotic Locales

  • Explore the Beauty of the Natural World in a Charming Fishing Village

  • Fabulous Cuisine

  • New Adventures - New Connections -and so much more!

  • A Workshop Unlike Any Other!
"What a wonderful experience at Casa de los Artistas! Bob and Monica you are such generous hosts. The staff were so helpful and welcoming and Boca is the perfect location to stimulate the creative juices. Thank you!
– Jackie Garcia, Casa workshop participant
Tom doing a watercolor demo of a palm in the Casa studio
Click on this link: Casa YouTube or the photo above to see a video of one of the ways Tom paint a palm.
Tom Lynch, Lavender Skies, (view from the Casa Studio), watercolor on Fredrix watercolor canvas
Being a creative artist, Tom is an innovator, designing and creating tools to help make watercolor and plein air painting easier for artists. One of the items is the palette that Tom designed for my favorite watercolor plein air easel, (and a number of other professional watercolor painters I know) - The En Plein Air Pro . The easel is a great design, light and compact and well thought out, (thanks Tom!), and very reasonably priced as well.

Here is an image of me using the Plein Air Pro when I was out at the Sedona Plein Air Festival a few years ago. You can click on that photo to see En Plein Air Pro as well.
Another very cool invention of Toms' is his new Secret Plein Air Tool, manufactured by Guerrila Painter. This neat little tool is a view finder that has a value scale imprinted but also has a few extra components to help you nail your composition before you commit paint to paper. You can actually draw, (with the provided dry erase marker, either in plein air or from a photo), directly onto this clear plastic grid that pivots out from its clear plastic sheath as you look at the subject and decide on your composition, basically "outlining the major shapes and capturing proportions and the tricky angles". This drawing can then be changed or translated, via the grid to your paper or canvas. There is also a transparent red sheet that pivots into place to knock down the color so you can see the values more accurately.

See Tom demo this and learn other helpful techniques for plein air and studio painting when you join him at his next Casa Workshop Vacation.

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