November 2021
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Albright Art Supply's November 2021 Newsletter
Princeton Watercolor Brush Sets
Watercolor Brush Sets
Aqua Elite and Heritage Brush Sets
The Aqua Elite is a Synthetic Kolinsky Watercolor Brush. This set contains: Round 2, Round 8, Angle Shader 1/2", and a Wash 3/4". The Aqua Elite brush has maximum color holding capacity. The brushes have tapered edges and the round brushes come to a fine point.

The Heritage is Princeton's original Synthetic Sable brush. This set contains: Round 3/0, Round 3, Round 10, and a Wash 3/4". The Heritage brush holds a sharp edge and point. The brushes have tapered edges and the round brushes come to a fine point. This synthetic sable has excellent color holding capabilities.
Shiva Oilstiks

Looking to try an Oil Stick instead of using tubes of paint and a brush? Oilstiks are made with quality pigment refined with linseed oil. They are solidified into a easy to hold stick. Use them on canvas, fabric, wood, metal, and more.

Oilstiks are:
  • Low odor
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Easy clean up: Soap, water, baby wipes
  • Rich, creamy, buttery consistency
  • Most colors dry within 24 hours
  • Compatible with other oil paints & mediums
Wood Carving Knife Sets
Wood Carving Set

Have you begun a new woodworking hobby?

We've had a number of inquiries regarding wood carving knife sets. We now have a Basic Set of 12 in stock!!

Each one has forged steel gouges mounted on 5" wooden handles.
Check out Revolutionary Concord and the Concord Toy Box for gifts and toys
A variety of candles— Colonial Candle to Danica Design Candles—and votive holders and candle rings
Board Games, Cooperative Games, STEM and Science Activities, Playmobil, card games and more
Gifts ranging from Snoozies, Spa Gifts, Gloves and Hats, Simon Pearce to Brumate insulated mugs (see photo)
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