Is your Asset Management planning on track?
The July 1, 2019 deadline for all municipalities to have completed Strategic Asset Management Policies, as per Ontario Regulation 588/17, is fast approaching. The next deadline is July 1, 2021, when municipalities will be required to have an Asset Management Plan that addresses core infrastructure assets, including wastewater, water and stormwater. OCWA can assist you in this process. Please email your local Business Development Manager or to discuss your municipality's asset management planning needs.
OCWA Staff Announcements
OCWA is pleased to make the following staff announcements:
Indra Maharjan is the new Director of Innovation, Technology and Alternate Delivery. Indra takes over for Don Hoekstra, who retired at the end of 2018. Over his past five years with the agency, Indra has proven his ability to develop energy efficiency progra ms, identify unique applications for technology and obtain grant funding for clients. His experience and success in these areas make him well suited for this new role.
Shelly Bonte-Gellok recently joined the Innovation, Technology and Alternate Delivery group as Program Manager, Biosolids and Resource Recovery. Shelly brings two decades of experience to the role and has worked as team lead for biosolids management with the provincial environment ministry for the past 16 years. She will drive OCWA's biosolids management program and Net Zero initiative and any matters related with organics and biosolids. 
Ask your local Business Development Manager about how OCWA's Innovation, Technology and Alternate Delivery group can help your municipality take advantage of innovative approaches in Energy Conservation, Climate Change, Resource Recovery and Biosolids Management.
Alicia Fraser moves from the role of Vice President, Engineering, Capital and Support Services, to Vice President, Operations for OCWA-Peel Region Hub. Over the past several years, Alicia has successfully led a number of teams at OCWA, including Engineering, Process Optimization, Compliance, Health & Safety and Innovation & Technology. Alicia has also been instrumental in leading our Asset Management Planning initiatives. Her expertise in these areas will be of tremendous value to the Region of Peel. 

Jim Nardi , fo rmerly Acting Vice President of Operations, Peel, has taken on a new role as Director of Waste Diversion and Climate Resiliency Projects. He will be focusing on further developing and leading our Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects across the province. With his extensive background in wastewater and biosolids management, Jim is well-positioned to lead our Agency toward success in this exciting area of the industry.
Industry Regulatory Update
As part of our commitment to providing total water and wastewater solutions for our clients, OCWA continually reviews and assesses the impact of new and proposed regulatory changes on Ontario municipalities and other clients, and works with them to implement changes that will enable them to meet the new requirements.  
Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) – The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has initiated a review of the current approvals framework related to wastewater collection systems (linear infrastructure) and stormwater management. The Ministry is looking to develop a standardized, area-wide ECA for linear infrastructure using a similar approach to what is already in place for drinking water systems under the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program. They will also be considering various models for modernizing and streamlining stormwater management approvals. 

Proposed Revisions to Ontario’s Watermain Disinfection Procedure – The Watermain Disinfection Procedure (WDP) was first released in November 2015 and focused on addressing procedures for watermain breaks/emergency repairs. All municipal drinking water systems are required to follow the WDP as set out in their Drinking Water Works Permit. The need for amendments to the 2015 WDP was identified through a number of requests for clarification and relief related to new/planned watermain construction and replacement, which is the primary focus of the proposed changes. A document for public comment is available at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre’s Drinking Water Resource Library. Click on “MECP Drafts Out for Comment.”

MECP’s Wastewater Strategy – The MECP is in the early stages of developing a wastewater strategy to implement the commitments made in Ontario’s Environment Plan related to improving wastewater and stormwater management, specifically:
  • Increase transparency through real-time monitoring of sewage overflows from municipal WW systems in Ontario’s lakes and rivers. Work with municipalities to ensure that proper monitoring occurs, and that the public is aware of overflow incidents.
  • Update policies related to wastewater and stormwater to make them easier to understand. We will consider how financing could be updated to improve investment and support new and innovate technologies and practices.
  • Encourage targeted investment and innovation in managing wastewater that overflows into our lakes and rivers.

Health Canada’s Guideline on Lead in Drinking Water – Health Canada released its finalized Guideline Technical Document in March which reduced the Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC) of lead in drinking water from 0.01 mg/L to 0.005 mg/L. While the regulated Ontario MAC remains at 0.01 mg/L for now, it is anticipated that the MECP could initiate stakeholder consultation on proposed regulatory changes to lead requirements in 2019. The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has also created a fact sheet and speaking notes on the new guidelines.
Raising a Glass to our Water Professionals
OCWA employees from across Ontario gathered to “Raise a Glass” on World Water Day, March 22. Every year, we use this opportunity to honour the important work of water professionals everywhere who provide safe drinking water to communities and ensure that wastewater is clean before it returns to the environment.
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