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Campus Update: The WRC staff and leadership team are currently working hybrid and are accessible to all questions and concerns via email. For a full list of contacts, please click here

UGME Welcomes the Class of 2026

In August, the UGME program warmly welcomes the Class of 2026 to our program. Over three weeks, students participated in Introduction to Medicine - a comprehensive orientation comprising information sessions and workshops, which included greetings from our deans, the Indigenous Health Chair, and Diversity and Inclusion Chairs. Students also engaged in professionalism sessions, got acquainted with pre-clerkship and clinical skills, explored communication through improv, delved into student affairs and mistreatment awareness, as well as reviewed effective communicaton strategies.

Amind these sessions, our students enjoyed ample opportunities to connect with each other. They also had the chance to explore each campus within our distributed medical education network through three all-campus Hamilton days, along with dedicated days at NRC and WRC.

Regional Education Lead, PG Psychiatry - Dr. Linda McColl

The Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Waterloo Regional Campus is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Linda McColl as Regional Education Lead, Postgraduate Psychiatry effective September 11, 2023.

Linda is the medical director for the Guelph and South Wellington Assertive Community Treatment Team at the Homewood Health Centre. She has worked in the acute care and stabilization unit at Homewood and in emergency psychiatry at Guelph General Hospital.

Please join us in welcoming Linda to this role and we trust in your continued support to ensure her success and that of our students.

Director, Student and Resident Affairs

The Waterloo Regional Campus is recruiting for the position of Director, Student and Resident Affairs. The Director of Student and Resident Affairs is a physician with responsibility for the non-curricular aspects of the medical learner experience. The objective is to meet the needs of the medical students and residents by providing access to counseling, student financial support, career guidance, student advisors, learner wellness, learner transitions, faculty support of learner activites and learning assistance groups. This faculty will assist in the creation of a safe and supportive environment for all learners in the medical programs of the Waterloo Regional Campus.

Interested applicants should forward your CV and letter of interest in the position by Wednesday, September 13, 2023 by 12:00PM to Dr. Margo Mountjoy.

TOR - Director, Student & Resident Affairs

Regional Education Lead, UG Anesthesia

The Waterloo Regional Campus is recruiting for the position of Regional Education Lead, Undergraduate Anesthesia. The Regional Education Lead, Undergraduate Anesthesia is a physician that has the accountability for the delivery of the WRC Undergraduate Clerkship medical program. The objective is to meet the needs of the medical students and the faculty while creating a supportive environment for the development of excellence in the program.

Interested applicants should forward your CV and letter of interest in the position by Tuesday, September 19, 2023 by 12:00PM to Dr. Margo Mountjoy. Candidate interview date has been tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of September 22, 2023.

TOR - REL UG Anesthesia

The Waterloo Regional Campus is committed to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigenous reconciliation and social justice in all that we do.

Bones and Crows: Film Screening Honouring National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Experience the moving journey of "Bones of Crows," a 2022 film depicting a Cree woman's life from childhood to matriarchy, navigating Canada's residential school system.

Join us on September 29, 2023, for an in-person screening across Hamilton across Hamilton, Niagara, and Waterloo Regional Campuses. This event supports McMaster's Indigenous Health Learning Lodge and offers a chance to connect with local community organizations.

Date and Time: Friday, September 29, 2023, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, screening begins at 10:15AM.


  • Hamilton: Jackson Square Landmark 6 Cinema
  • Niagara: Landmark Cinemas St. Cathartines
  • Waterloo: Landmark Cinemas Waterloo

Tickets: By donation - please bring DIAPERS and MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS for local community agencies. Your attendance matters in honouring Indigenous culture and supporting a crucial cause.

Reserve Your Ticket

Waterloo Regional Campus Land Acknowledgement Branding

Media Production Services have created Land Acknowledgement slide for the Waterloo region. Please consider implementing these when giving a presentation on behalf of McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Waterloo Regional Campus.

To download the Land Acknowledgment slides, you will be required to login to your MacID on the McMaster Branding website. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Jennifer Tran at [email protected]

Asset Bank

Chair, Student Progress

The MD program is seeking a faculty educator to serve as Chair of Student Progress. Reporting to the Associate Dean, the Chair of Student Progress is responsible for the oversight, implementation, and quality improvement of student progress processes in the MD Program. This includes a focus of progress processes on transparency, equity and alignment with program and University policies.

The Chair oversees progress in 3 ways:

  1. Providing structure, support, and committee-based oversight for assessors in identifying, communicating, and addressing provisional satisfactory assessments, prioritizing learner agency, transparency, equity, and asynchronous workflows
  2. Organizing and overseeing committee-based processes for recurrent provisional assessment or unsatisfactory assessment
  3. Implementing progress intervals or 'checkpoints' to ensure committee decision-making around progress and completion of the program


The expected time commitment is approximately 1 day per week throughout the year with an appropriate stipend. This leadership role is attributed 400 hours of indirect academic contribution per year. The appointment is for a three-year term, renewable. Interested applicants should review the complete job description, and apply by September 15, 2023 to Suri Wang. Interviews for the position will be held at the end of the day on October 11, 2023.

Chair, Student Progress JD

Sub-Unit Planner, Gastroenterology

The UGME Program of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine is a fully distributed medical education program that uses problem-based, self-directed, and early patient exposure learning approaches. Medical Foundation (MF) 3 is the third block of the Undergraduate UGME Program at McMaster. It is a 12-week block running from the beginning of January until the end of March of the students’ first year. Content areas include Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Endocrinology and Reproduction.

The UGME Program is seeking a faculty member to oversee the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the Gastroenterology subunit within MF3. The Planner will demonstrate a commitment to advance the core principles of the UGME Program: distributed medical education (DME); problem-based, small group, and other student-engaged learning methods; self-directed learning, including self- and peer-assessment; early patient/clinical exposure; lifelong learning, including use of evidence-informed practice; and a commitment to innovation.

Interested persons should email their curriculum vitae and cover letter to the attention of Dr. Keyna Bracken, Pre-Clerkship Chair, Undergraduate Medical Education, by September 15, 2023 . The email should be sent to the email address of the Operations Coordinator. The cover letter should outline experience and skills the applicant would bring to the position and the applicant’s vision for their first term in the position.

Sub-Unit Planner, Gastroenterology JD

We have an important event to mark on your calendars. The Annual Faculty Retreat presented by WRC and KW & Area Family Medicine is scheduled for Friday, October 27, 2023. This day promises renewal and reinvention. 

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, October 27, 2023
  • Time: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: Catalyst Commons, 210-137 Glasgow Street, Kitchener, ON N2G 4X8

Add it to your calendar by clicking these links:


This retreat is a valuable opportunity for all WRC Faculty. Here's what you can expect:


  • Professional Development: An opportunity for personal and professional growth, to gain new skills and insights to enhance your role within the Waterloo Regional Campus.
  • Fun and Company: Connect with colleagues in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


And the best part? Graffiti Market will be providing the meals for the day, ensuring that you have the energy to make the most of the day.


Make sure to reserve October 27th on your calendar for the WRC-KWFM Annual Faculty Retreat. We can't wait to see you there! 

Unlocking the Power of Comprehensive Health Data Research at ICES McMaster

In the realm of health research, data is the lifeblood that drives groundbreaking discoveries. The quest to advance healthcare delivery and improve healthcare outcomes is the impetus behind McMaster University's satellite sites of ICES, a non-profit research institute.

Dr. Aaron Jones, an assistant professor in the Department of Health Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster as well as Waterloo Regional Campus' UG Research Lead has been appointed ICES McMaster Site director. Under Jones' astute direction, the potential for advancing health research through the power of population-based health administrative data is promising.

Read Full Announcement

Contrasting Epistemologies: Biomedicine, Narrative Medicine and Indigenous Story Medicine

Dr. Shane Neilson (Family Medicine)

The concept of ‘story’ is not the same in Western and Indigenous healing traditions, and this difference is important to understand in order to test the limits and lacuna of an ascendant field in Western medicine, that of Narrative Medicine. To read more, click here.

Third Rail: Physician Wellness

In this Third Rail edition of the podcast Dr. Sarah Fraser has a conversation with Dr. Shane Neilson about mental illness in physicians as well as Dr. Neilson's new book Saving: A Doctor's Struggle to Help His Children. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Shane Neilson is a physician, poet, and critic from New Brunswick, now practising in Guelph, Ontario. He published Saving: A Doctor's Struggle to Help His Children, a memoir about intergenerational disability in conversation with professional medical practice, with Great Plains Publishing in 2023. Shane completed his Ph.D at McMaster where his dissertation on the representations of chronic pain in Canadian literature received the Governor-General's Gold Medal. An adjunct professor of family medicine at the Waterloo Regional Campus of McMaster University, Shane's academic interest concerns disability, non-neurotypicality, and chronic illness in the profession of medicine.  

Why do we fall ill? How do we get better? When his two-year-old develops epilepsy, Dr. Shane Neilson, a doctor, struggles to obtain timely medical care for his son. Saving shares his family’s journey through the medical system, and also Shane’s own personal journey as a father who feels powerless when faced with his child’s illness. It entwines these stories with Shane’s personal history of mental illness as a child and his professional experience with disability. By exploring the theme of family, Shane Neilson manages to show that, over time, it is possible to not only escape the wreckage of the past, but to celebrate living with disability in the present.

To read or purchase a copy of Saving, visit Great Plains Press

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