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Campus Update: The Waterloo Regional Campus is now open to all students and residents. The WRC staff and leadership team are currently working hybrid and are accessible to all questions and concerns via email. For a full list of contacts, please click here

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Please join Waterloo Regional Campus in welcoming; 

Jonathan Hope

Curriculum Assistant

Current Faculty

Dr. Margo Mountjoy

Regional Assistant Dean

Clinical Professor

Dr. Catherine Tong

Faculty Development Coordinator 

Associate Clinical Professor

The Waterloo Regional Campus is pleased to announce the promotion from the Department of Family Medicine to:

Dr. Margo Mountjoy, Clinical Professor, who has shown a commitment to excellence in medical education and clinical practice. In 2018, Dr. Mountjoy began her role as the Regional Assistant Dean at WRC. Dr. Mountjoy has shown a commitment to medical education since 2011 in various leadership roles and has proven herself to be an international leader in the field of sports and exercise medicine.

Dr. Catherine Tong, Associate Clinical Professor, who has demonstrated dedication to academic excellence and a high level of patient care. Since 2017, Dr. Tong has been the Faculty Development Coordinator at WRC. Dr. Tong also holds the position of Program Director of the Clinician-Educator Area of Focused Competency Program at McMaster University.

Please join WRC in congratulating Dr. Mountjoy and Dr. Tong on their new promotion!

To read more about their promotions:

Clinical Professor Announcement
Associate Clinical Professor Announcement

New Faculty

Akanksha Nayak - Family Medicine

Avi Sarker - IM Gastroenterology

Maria Casale - Family Medicine

Nancy Rose-Jane - Family Medicine

Olusegun Omoseni - Psychiatry


The MD program is seeking a faculty educator to serve as Chair of Leadership. The Chair will oversee organization, planning, implementation, assessment and evaluation of leadership development for student and faculty leaders in McMaster's distributed UGME program. The Chair will collaborate with the Program for Faculty Development and Faculty Development Coordinators in the regional campus. 

To view the job description, click here

Interested applicants for this position should contact Ms. Jen Lourenco to obtain a complete TOR, and apply by Monday, September 5, 2022. 


The MD program is seeking a faculty educator to serve as Chair of Clinical Skills. The Chair is responsible for overseeing the planning and delivery of the Clinical Skills Program within the distributed medical education network of McMaster's MD Program. Demonstrated excellence as a clinician and educator is desirable. The ideal candidate will be committed to the program's mission of educating and inspiring future physicians to improve health and well-being of all, advance the priorities and principles of the MD program, including the use of student-engaged learning methods, evidence-informed curriculum practices, and orient towards quality improvement.

To view the job description, click here.

Interested applicants for this position should contact Ms. Jen Lourenco to obtain a complete TOR, and apply by Thursday, September 15, 2022

Class of 2025 

Our new cohort joined us on Monday, August 8, 2022 for Medical Foundation 1. For the first time in the MD Program, we will be welcoming all 206 medical students from all three campuses to join us on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 for an iMed Regional Day. The students will get to tour the Waterloo Regional Campus and spend the afternoon exploring the surrounding vicinity! We look forward to welcoming our new class and meeting them all.


Welcome to the Waterloo Regional Campus incoming PGY1 residents:

Family Medicine

  • Sarah Allarakhia
  • Paul Bullock
  • Adam Christopher
  • James Colapinto
  • Isabella DeBlasi
  • Kimberly Duffels
  • Ryan Gotesman
  • Yasna Golyari
  • Farah Henry
  • Kenneth Ip
  • Alexi Kuhnow
  • Jason Kuhnow
  • Olivia Ly
  • Matthew McArthur
  • Sierra Sutcliffe
  • Williams Usama
  • Helen Vanderkooy
  • Amy Rose Wheeler
  • Kiana Wiebe
  • Vanessa Wildeman

Emergency Medicine

  • Michael Kruse

Internal Medicine

  • Ryan Scanlan
  • Joshua Yu
  • Hamza Waji


  • Madeline Bondy


  • Mahdi Hassan
  • Nancy Wong

Emergency Medicine

UG Emergency Medicine Award - Dr. Krista Dowhos

PG Emergency Medicine Award - Dr. Rebekah Shoop

Family Medicine - KW & Area Local Awards

Dr. Joe Lee Award - Dr. Anna Culjak, Dr. Amir Hamid, Dr. Cecilia McLachlan, Dr. Akanksha Nayak

Excellence in Teaching Award - Dr. Jeff Nagge

Family Medicine Preceptor of the Year - Dr. Charles Pickard

Interprofessional Preceptor of the Year - Dr. Kim Chvala

Resident Family Medicine Leadership Award - Dr. Anna Culjak

Specialist Preceptor of the Year - Dr. Martha Linkletter


Mac-CARE Excellence in Teaching Award - Regional - Dr. Adam Wilson

Internal Medicine

Dr. Paul O'Byrne Academic Achievement Award - Ryan Scanlan (C2022)

Dr. Akbar Panju Professionalism Award - Takhliq Amir (C2022)

Dr. Paul O'Byrne Internal Medicine Resident Research Grant - Dr. Tyler Pitre (IM PGY3)


Bienenstock Adsett Excellence in Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Award - Dr. Folake Esan

Featured Guest Speaker

Join Dr. Heather Patterson, Closing Keynote, at the WRC-MSA Fall Retreat on Oct 1, 2022. Heather is an emergency physician and photographer from Calgary, Canada. She photographed the intimate moments at Calgary hospitals that went on to become Shadows and Light, her upcoming book with Goose Lane Editions. Come to this in-person presentation as part of Heather’s cross-country book tour and explore ways you could reflect on your work through storytelling.

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Bridging Leaders Program Fall 2022


The Bridging Leaders Program allows leaders who hold dual citizenship (e.g. teacher and researcher, hopital leader and academic faculty, cliniian and scientists, or others) to work on reconciling their two or more sides and to find ways to collaboratively seek solutions that are win-win for al involved. By participating in this program, participants will set the foundation to effectively lead in their academic, research, and clinical leadership roles. The 2022 Fall Cohort is accredited for 14.75 hours of Mainpro+ or MOC Section 1 credits.

Main Learning Sessions:

  • Monday, September 19, 2022 - 1-5pm ET
  • Friday, October 28, 2022 - 10am-2pm ET
  • Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 1-5pm ET
  • Thursday, December 15 2022 - 9am-1pm ET
Program Details

Save the Date: Virtual KW-FM Conference Day

Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 8:20AM-12:30PM

Five 45 minute talks geared towards family medicine practitioners including confirmed speakers from Dr. Nicole Didyk (Geriatrics) and Dr. Dusan Sajic (Dermatology)

Registration Fee:

  • $20 for Community Members
  • Free for Residents and Learners

Stay tuned for more details!

Recorded Past Events:

If you missed the Reclaiming Your Time workshop facilitated by Dr. Joan Chan on March 23, 2022, here is a recording of it. In incorporating a teaching role into their practice, physicians face additional challenges from the administrative tasks related to teaching. Paperwork and other administrative tasks are primary causes of burnout for most physicians as they allocate more professional time to them. This workshop will address practical strategies to increase efficiency and even enjoyment of doing this much-dreaded portion of our work day as physicians and clinical teachers. 


How are patient order and shift timing associate with imaging choices in the Emergency Department? Evidence from Niagara Health Administrative Data 

Stephenson Strobel, Sabreena Mossa (C2023), Karyssa Hamann (C2022) 

In this restrospective study, multivariate and instrumental variable regressions were used to examine how the timing and order of patients are associated with the use of diagnostic imaging. Outcomes include whether a patient receives a radiograph, a computed tomography (CT) scan, an ultrasound, and 7-day bouncebacks to the ED. The variables of interest are time and order during a physician’s shift in which a patient is seen. To continue reading, click here.

Antiviral drug treatment for nonsevere COVID-19: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Tyler Pitre (IM PGY3), Rebecca Van Alstine (Medicine), Genevieve Chick (Medicine), Gareth Leung, David Mikhail, Ellen Cusano, Faran Khalid, Dena Zeraatkar

Randomized trial evidence suggests that some antiviral drugs are effective in patients with COVID-19. However, the comparative effectiveness of antiviral drugs in non-severe COVID-19 is unclear. To learn more, click here.

Exploring the use and challenges of implementing virtual visits during COVID-19 in primary care and lessons for sustained use

Heba Tallah Mohammed, Lirije Hyseni, Victoria Bui, Beth Gerritsen, Katherine Fuller, Jihyun Sung, and Mohamed Alarakhia (Family Medicine)

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed how healthcare is delivered to limit the transmission of the virus. This descriptive cross-sectional study explores the current use of virtual visits in providing care among primary providers in southwestern Ontario during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about their findings, click here.

Exploring the impact of diagnostic imaging decision support embedded in an electronic referral solution on the appropriate ordering of magnetic resonance imaging for patients with knee pain: a retrospective chart review

Heba Tallah Mohammed, Lori-Anne Payson (Family Medicine), Caitlin Gillan, Jisla Mathews, Justin Diep (C2022), Jessica Sadri-Gerrior (C2023), Karyssa Hamann (C2022),and Diana Brodrecht

Requests for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams have notably increased in Canada. However, many of these exams may not always be indicated. The Joint Department of Medical Imaging and the eReferral Program have worked collaboratively to embed an integrated clinical decision support (DS) tool within the eReferral process for diagnostic imaging requests. This retrospective chart review aimed to assess the necessity of MRI exams for knee pain patients at the point of referral in relation to the referral method. Click here to read further.

Physicians' perspectives on processes for emergency mental health transfers from university health clinics to hospitals in Ontario, Canada: a qualitative analysis

Andrea Chittle (Family Medicine), Shane Neilson (Family Medicine), Gina Nicoll and Juveria Zaheer

In Ontario, Canada, there is variability in how students experiencing a mental health crisis are transferred from university health clinics to hospital for emergent psychiatric assessment, particularly regarding police involvement and physical restraint use. We sought to understand existing processes for these transfers, and barriers to and facilitators of change. To continue reading this article, click here.

Health and Safety:



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