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Hello to all of my happy readers!!!

I am so very ready for the NEW YEAR!! This last year was a wild ride full of love, laughs, and lots of tears. The holiday season was great here at the shop, and even with the crazy snow storm we were able to open and be here for all things books!

My Christmas was wild. Two out of my three kiddos flew in to spend the holidays with us. My John-Johnny got stuck in Florida until after the 29th due to all of the weather and freezing and canceling of flights in Seattle. What a mess that was. But everyone is here now, and AJ has a couple of friends in to visit, too, so we have a house FULL of kiddos. Eight humans, and I am tired, and I never want to do the dishes again.

I have not read nearly enough this month. I worked 68 hours the week before Christmas. I think my family watched me sleep on the couch a lot--hahahaha! I am taking my oldest kiddo and Amberly from the shop to the casino this evening (New Year's Eve) . Then we are going to see a band that we like play at the Lincoln Theater. Tomorrow, I am taking my oldest to the Seahawks vs. Jets game in Seattle. This was his Christmas gift from me. I am looking forward to the time with him.

Monsters Born and Made ended up being a lot of fun. It was a very good blend of Divergent and The Hunger Games--lots of action and good story line. I am now listening to Now Is Not The Time To Panic, by Kevin Wilson. I am about 50% of the way through it and it is very interesting--it starts in the present day and then goes back to the main character's youth, and one summer in particular. I read

The Hollows, by Daniel Church...First comment, it is very long...longer than I usually like to read because I am on such a time crunch. It was a good book with loads of action. I will say that some of it dragged on a bit for me, and for ALL of the hype on the cover, etc...It was not nearly as scary or creepy as I would have liked.

Because I was a little behind in my reading, I am going to read The Tryout: A Graphic Novel by Christina Soontornvat. This is a Middle-Grade Read, and I just think it will be interesting, and it is also featured in the holiday catalog. I am going to read Wild Is The Witch, by Rachel Griffin. This is a Young Adult title and it is about witches. I also want to read something fun when we close the shop for the week. The girls and I are going to Portland for a little down time. So looking forward to it.

I wish each and everyone of you the best possible New Year!

Please stay safe, happy, and healthy...Happy Reading!!


Store Events, Author Events, and Book Signings

We hosted story time events here at the shop last month.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!


For information on future events, please take a look at our calendar featured later in this newsletter, or you can check the Events Calendar on our website here.

We have so much fun planned.

New Year's Resolutions

It's a new year, and many of us like to approach the new year with new goals and ambitions. We have books to help you with your new year's resolutions,

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This Just In: Cozy Winter Edition

Cookbooks for your evenings in.


Crafty books to curl up with.


New journals and accessories from IF!

Phone pockets, glasses cases, pen pouches, reading lights, and ballpoint pens

make journaling convenient and fashionable.


This Just In for Kids

Astronaut Light-Up Pens


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Kitty Kat Lip Balm


Fun activities to keep the kiddos busy indoors


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January 2023

Sunday, January 1st

New Year's Day--CLOSED

We will be closed on Sunday, January 1st for New Years Day--it's our tradition to close and start doing inventory! Happy New Year to all of our happy readers.

Monday, January 16th--Friday, January 20th

CLOSED-Store Vacation!

We will be CLOSED for our annual store vacation

from Monday, January 16th through Friday, January 20th!

We will be checking emails and voicemails upon our return on Saturday, January 21st!

Ask us what we're reading on our vacation!


Tuesday, February 14th

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, say "I love you" with the gift of a book. We are OPEN! Come see us.

Monday, February 20th

Presidents Day-OPEN

Happy Presidents Day! We are OPEN!

Watermark Book Club

Watermark Book Club is on Zoom! It is a closed book club, and you can let us know if you would like to be added to the waitlist. In the meantime, feel free to read along with us!

This month we are discussing The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie, by Rachel Linden.

Here's what Brandy has to say about the book:

"This book was a lot of fun.

It is mostly set in a family-owned cafe/restaurant in Seattle.

The main character reflects back on when she used to work in the restaurant as a young girl and there was a new guy in town and of course...there are squishy feelings. There is some magical realism with lemon drops, and it is just a sweet and kind book about missed opportunities and friendships

 and finding one's true paths in life and love."