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Notes from the Boss Lady

Hello to ALL of my happy readers....

What an amazingly wild year we have had. I am so proud of this team here that has worked sooooo tirelessly, and of the community that has loved and supported us so much during these times. I really want to personally thank each and every one of you - for being there and for choosing us over all others. We do our best to make it easy and pleasant, but lets be honest, real life happens and you still loved us...thank you!
New Year... new things happening...I am always looking to update things here at the store, and to make shopping that much more interesting and useful to my shoppers. I am getting a new beautiful card spinner and carrying a new line of boxed cards that really excites me!

But first things first - we are taking such a much-needed store vacation. No, we are not taking it "together," just at the same time. I could not figure out how to schedule time off for us without exhausting all of us, instead of making it a relaxing experience...This made the most sense to me. We will miss you while we are closed, but we will come back happier and with a pep in our step.

While you are home enjoying your family time on New Year's Day, we are here in the store doing a very much-needed store inventory...It will take us about 2 full weeks to fully conduct it. But we get a HUGE chunk of it done on this day. The store will buy us a nice big lunch and we will keep on going. After the year that we have had, the inventory definitely needs some TLC!

See you in the new year!!

I just finished reading Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead, by Olga Tokarczuk. It was very good, the writing was sophisticated and easy to read, a truly good mystery.

I am getting ready to read Brother and Sister, by Diane Keaton. Enjoy and happy reading!

Store Vacation!
The team at Watermark Book Company is taking a much needed vacation! The store will be CLOSED during the third week of January, 1/17-1/24, so that we can catch our breath from the holiday season. You are welcome to email us at watermarkbookcompany@gmail.com and call at (360)-293-4277 with your book requests -- they will be addressed when we are back in store!
Thank You for a Great Holiday Season!
A customer sent us a picture of this gift package that her family member gifted her--put together by the team here at Watermark! It is too cute! Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a great holiday season. We appreciate your love and support, and we are always happy to spend the holidays with you!
Happy New Year!
What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions? Whatever you're working on this new year, we have the books to help support, encourage, and inspire you!
Upcoming Events
Friday, January 1st - New Year's Day
Happy New Year! We will be CLOSED New Year's Day. Have a fun and safe holiday.
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Watermark Book Club
Watermark Book Club is BACK on Zoom! It is a closed book club, and you can let us know if you would like to be added to the waitlist. In the meantime, feel free to read along with us! This month we are discussing City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Here's what Brandy has to say about it:
"I read this book for pure pandemic pleasure when it was recommended to me. I have read this author before, and I have always found her to be a good writer. She did not fail this time. This book is set mostly in the 1940s, but it covers a lot of years--the first half of the book covers about 6 months, and the second half is about 3 years. The main character is Vivian, and she is writing an all-inclusive letter to a person named Angela--and you don't know who Angela is until the end. Truly witty, fun, and good laughs all around."