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Notes from the Boss Lady

Hello to all of my reading people! June is such a busy time for me. My birthday and Father's Day are in the mix. My oldest is graduating from the high school here in Anacortes. Then my other kiddos wrap up their school year on the 22nd of June, and my AJ has a birthday on that day... It is a busy month for us! I will just try to survive--hahaha.

I have been reading a great deal lately--not as much as I would like to. I am trying to find more time in the quiet mornings. It is hard this time of year for me because I spend so much more time on my bicycle. Then I also have to spend so much time doing yoga because I am so prone to injury--oh this lovely body. I do love to ride my bike!! We often bike out to breweries and play cards while enjoying our food and beverage. I always have at least one deck of cards on me. I am also working on crocheting a blanket for the Cancer Walk--my beautiful neighbor walks every year for her late husband and she asked me to make a donation, and of course I am.

The shop continues to do very well. It is soooooooo FULL of fun items for travel and learning. We have worked so hard to listen to the customer and to try to bring in all of the right things. If you haven't been in in a while, we would love to see you and show you all of the new things.

The CDC put out new regulations regarding masks, and we ingested that info and discussed it as a team and decided that we are not entirely ready to go "maskless" at the moment. Here is our reasoning behind our decision: We here at the shop are not fully vaccinated yet. We were only just approved a short while ago and have been getting shots since then-- hahaha. So, for our safety--that was reason number one. Reason number two, we have a 6 1/2-year-old helper. My daughter, Janet, is often in the store for about 20 hours a week. We LOVE having her here--she is not able to be vaccinated as of yet, and why would we risk her health and why would we make her feel singled out as the ONLY one who has to wear a mask? NOPE, we are not going to do that to her. And lastly, the CDC did not really give proper, or any for that matter, guidelines as to how to safely navigate these new rules. We are a very heavily-trafficked tourist location, and the idea that everyone coming to shop will be honest with us about their vaccine status is a preposterous concept. So we said no to it for now. Now, what will the future hold? I have no idea. We shall wait and see, and when I have new information--you will be the first to know.

I finished reading Songs in Ursa Major, by Emma Brodie--it comes out June 22nd and I very much enjoyed it. It is her debut novel and she did a really nice job. It's an easy read--a great summer read. It is about a rock and roll band in the '70s, and if you know me, you know this something that I like. I am currently reading Year Book, by Seth Rogan--it is his memoir. It is raunchy and hilarious. I needed this bit of levity. I am often in bed laughing out loud while my poor hubby tries to sleep.

Take care all, and Happy Reading.
Congrats, Grad!
June is a month full of graduations and celebrations, so stop in and see us for the perfect gifts to tell your loved ones that you're proud of them. We have a great selection of inspirational books and cards--you're sure to find that perfect something you've been looking for.
Father's Day
Father's Day is Sunday, June 20th, and we have all of your gift-giving needs! Give the fathers in your life some love with books, cards, and all of the other fun things he enjoys!
New CDC Guidelines
We will continue to require masks, and to ask our customers to clean their hands at the door, until further notice. Thank you for your continued support!
This Just In
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We always have new puzzles--come check out our latest selection, perfect for summer.
New Tarot and Oracle cards from Llewellyn.
We're so excited for all of these new additions to our ever-growing metaphysical section.
New journals, including our new Burn After Reading Journals, which come with creativity prompts to get your pen moving!
Cards Cards Cards
One of our newest card lines--Meraki Studios!
Open up the cards for a surprise inside--we have a fresh batch from Sophpie Turrel!
Seedy Cards can be planted--they will grow flowers or herbs!
We have new stock of store favorite Two Bad Mice cards.
Local Cards
We love to support our local artists and their beautiful cards! To highlight a few, we have photographer Sharon Stapleton, who uses unaltered, real film - her photographs are one of a kind. There’s Susan Swapp whose oil paintings are beautiful and creative. Melanie and Greg Dugan use a combination of vibrant watercolors and exquisite colored pencil drawings. Kylie Fair is an oil and acrylic painter who loves to capture the beauty of the outdoors. We are thrilled to be carrying so many amazing local artists’ cards.
This Just In for Kids
We have new flavors of the fan-favorite Scratch and Sketch books!
These new Seek & Find books will engage and entertain your kiddos.
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Upcoming Events
Tuesday, June 8th-Brandy's Birthday!
Sunday, June 20th-Father's Day
Happy Father's Day! We are OPEN! What better thing to do on Father's Day than to take a trip to the bookstore?
New and Noteworthy
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Watermark Book Club
Watermark Book Club is on Zoom! It is a closed book club, and you can let us know if you would like to be added to the waitlist. In the meantime, feel free to read along with us! This month we are discussing Hidden Valley Road, by Robert Kolker. Here's what Brandy has to say about the book:
"I remember the moment I heard about this story--I remember thinking, Oh wow! I have got to read this! Once I started into it I knew immediately that it would be perfect for book club. It is a story about the Galvin family. They had twelve children, all born during the Baby Boom--ten boys and then, finally, two girls. Six of the boys developed schizophrenia, one after the other. The book is very scientific and told in an interesting way--the chapters also rotate with other chapters that talk about where the world of science was at those times, following the nature vs. nurture debate."