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Vol. 9 Issue 1 | September 2021
Why Charitable Giving in Canada is at a Crossroads

"There are demographic shifts happening in Canada, with more wealth than ever, and the philanthropic stakes are higher."

Watermark's Dr. Sharilyn Hale was recently interviewed by CanadianFamilyOffices on philanthropy in Canada, generational shifts in giving, emerging critiques of philanthropy (and philanthropists), advancing research, and her role as an advisor to generous families. Read more for her top three suggestions for those who want to give well.
Intersections and Innovations:
A Must-Read for Serious Philanthropists

The Muttart Foundation recently launched a new publication, providing Canada's first comprehensive look at the charitable sector. Featuring 36 chapters written by 52 sector leaders and academics from across the country, the 680-page e-book is - incredibly - available free of charge.

Sharilyn contributed the chapter on Giving & Fundraising Trends and served on the Editorial Advisory Committee, led by Editors Dr. Susan Phillips and Bob Wyatt. Dr. Hale notes,

"This resource offers direct insight into the depth and complexity of Canada's charitable sector, its challenges, and how it is changing and evolving in direct response to necessity and opportunity...just reading the table of contents is an education itself..."

You may download the whole book, or specific chapters of interest. While the resource is of specific benefit to those who work in the sector, it also serves philanthropists and foundations wanting to be more informed about the charitable landscape.

Giving Together: How Generous Families in Canada are Navigating Community & Continuity

Why do families give together? How are they giving? How are they engaging across generations and geography? What do they need to be effective?

Sharilyn was invited by the Canadian Charity Law Association to share some insights on generous families in Canada. Drawing from her research on family philanthropy and experience working with generous families internationally, Sharilyn addressed how philanthropy is helping families achieve both family and community objectives.

The session is of interest to members of generous families and the advisors that serve them. If you missed it live, browse at your convenience below.
Improve Your Foundation Governance

September 28-30, 2021 the National Center for Family Philanthropy is hosting a virtual Trustee Education Institute. Families often wrestle with how best to govern their foundation boards effectively and navigate everything from legal compliance to grant-making, and family dynamics, with few opportunities for advanced learning with and from peers and experts.

Check out their stellar line-up of renowned guest speakers and find registration details here. Follow up this learning experience by contacting Watermark for more in-depth and customized governance support.

Sharilyn's Recommendations for your Giving, Governance & Work

Demystifying Decision Making in Family Philanthropy, (2021), National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Approaches to Learning Amidst Crisis: Lessons from Philanthropy, (2021), Centre for Evaluation Innovation and Taylor Newberry Consulting.

Giving is Not Like Investing, (2021), Center for Effective Philanthropy.

Unfunded: Black Communities Overlooked by Canadian Philanthropists, Carleton University & the Network for the Advancement of Black Communities

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But what's with the sea animals? Life underwater is every bit as diverse and complex as life on land. The vibrant images we've selected represent the community and diversity of Watermark's clients - from families (that are multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-faith, and blended), to private foundations, family offices, financial services firms, and the boards of charitable organizations. Book a confidential consultation with Watermark today.
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