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  The Waldorf School of Cape Cod  Community Newsletter 
October 26, 2016
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New Dismissal Area for Classes 6-8
There will be a new dismissal area for WSCC Middle School students in classes 6-8 beginning on Monday, October 31. This new dismissal area will be located in the grassy area to the right of the front entrance. Students will be outside in this new dismissal area at approximately  3:05.

If you are picking up a student outside, please park in the circular drive as usual. You may then walk over to get the student, or if the teacher on duty sees your car, the student can walk over to you.

If you are a carpool driver and your carpool has middle school as well as elementary school students or EC children, please continue to pick up the children inside the building. We do not want children below middle school classes walking out alone to this new dismissal area to wait for carpools.

The main reason for making this change is so the middle school students who are picked up outside will have a clearly defined area, separate from the aftercare program.

Thank you for your cooperation in implementing this new dismissal procedure. If you have any questions, please speak to your child's teacher.
~Claire Anacreon Small
Middle School committee
girl with lantern
Lantern Making Workshop
Thurs, Nov 3, 2-3 pm in Morning Glory room
Families with young children are invited to make a lantern with our EC teachers, and join us on the Lantern Walk, or walk with their families through their own neighborhoods. Current families, invite your friends, family or neighbors with children ages 2 to 4th grade.  Students in our Early Childhood and grades 1-4 will make lanterns in school.  RSVP by email or 508-420-1005.

Martinmas Lantern Walk, 
Thurs, Nov 10
5 pm for EC
6 pm for Grades 1-4
As the days begin to shorten and a chill comes to the air, we bring light and warmth into ourselves by carrying our lanterns through our tranquil woods, singing songs, and joining in community. Before taking to the woods or field, each group will enjoy a seasonal story of light told by one of our teachers. Then, families form a loose line and carry their lights while singing the traditional songs. The songs are printed in the link below if you would like to learn the words. The children have been singing them, so ask them to teach you the tunes!   

Holiday Faire Committee Meeting
Every Tues, 8:30 am

Pumpkin Carving
Fri, Oct 28
6-7:30 pm
Bring your own pumpkin to carve and we will have pumpkin soup available to enjoy for $3. We will also have a non-perishable food item collection. Please, no costumes.

Thurs, Nov 3
Lantern Making Workshop
2-3 pm
For families interested in finding out more about our Early Childhood classes, whose children are not already enrolled.
Registration Required
508-420- 1005

Fri, Nov 4
7-9:30 pm
Middle School Dance

Lantern Walk
Thurs, Nov 10

Fruit Sale Fundraiser - Order Deadline Friday, Nov 11
Now is the time to order your fresh citrus from Florida, shipped just hours after picking. Please share this opportunity with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. The flyer below can be printed by clicking Print this flyer and you may Use this order form (best practice) or anyone can call or email to order.  Ask if you can post the flyer in your favorite coffee shop, bookstore, or dance studio, and announce the sale at your church, civic group or club. People are looking for a Florida fruit sale, and will call to place an order even if they don't know us. We have a minimum sales commitment of 100 boxes, and of course the more we can sell, the more profit we will make! Fruit will be delivered to us between 11/28 and 12/16. Please spread the word to make this a successful fundraiser!

EOC Morning Tea
Thursdays  8:30am - 9:00am
The Enrollment/Outreach Committee (EOC) would like to invite everyone in the community to a new weekly morning tea every Thursday after drop off. Even if you only have 5 minutes before you walk out the door, stop in and say hello. We will meet in the Enrollment/Outreach Office, which is the first door on the left from the lobby. Our school community has so many talents and ideas and we want to open up the space for everyone to connect. So many wonderful ideas come out of casual conversations around our school so please come and join us whenever you can!

Open House
The open house turned out to be a great day! Many commented on the positive energy and it made a great impression. We had 6 new families attend and each of them were very interested in enrolling. We also got a visit from a local retired teacher who lives in Cotuit and wants to volunteer at the school. The Enrollment Outreach Committee is very happy with the results. 

~Roxanne King, Outreach Coordinator
and the Enrollment/Outreach Committee: Corey Blake, Emily Holmgren,
Katie Kehrl, Dina O'Neil and Heather Rose
Waldorf Community Association (WCA) Nuggets
Work Day and Open House Success!
Thank you so much to everyone that helped prepare for and welcomed visitors this past weekend at our annual fall Open House.  Although the weather did create some challenges for folks working outside on Saturday, much was accomplished, including lots of weeding in the Sunhouse and gardens (between downpours!) as well as working on the next steps of the lighting project on Old Oyster Road.  Clearing of debris and blowing of leaves were done by both volunteers and Mother Nature!  Many hands worked inside the school as well, cleaning and tidying, preparing handouts and creating a welcoming environment for our visitors. 

We welcomed several interested families to our school during the Open House; and I must say, the energy of the volunteers present during the Open House was not only inviting but our love of our school and community clearly shone through and was felt by everyone. 

Thank you to the many Waldorf families that were on hand to welcome guests, answer questions and talk with visitors about what our school and community means to each of us. 

Many thanks to Mr. Brendan O'Hara (Maija, C8) for leading the work day efforts and the many hands that helped him including Mark O'Neil (Thalia C5, Arden C3/4), Jay Toomey (Clara MG), Margot Garritt (Leah C8), Chris Blair (Chip C5) and Warrren Blair (C8), Amanda Poston and Arianna Poston (C7), Joe and Alden (Class of 2013) Hackler, Tim and Dina O'Neil (Timmy C1/2), and Roxanne King (Giulia C1/2, Nathaniel SF).

The Open House day's success is due in large part to the faculty members and the many families that welcomed visitors including Gary Cannon (Administrator), President of the Board of Trustees ("BOT") Joy Lapseritis (Morgen C7, Mathilde C3/4), Vice President of BOT Brendan O'Hara (Maija C8) and BOT member David Connors (Lily C5, Elijah C1/2), the entire Kehrl family (Katie, Brian and their children Harper (C3/4), Gardner (MG), Tessa and Olympia (BR), Roxanne King, Outreach Coordinator, and Giulia (C1/2), Corey Blake (Roen C5, Madison C3/4), Jake Rose and Maddie (SF), Jennie Ellis Cole and Mack (MG), Jenn Keilty and Ben (MG) & Mattea (SF) and Katie Snell (Nora MG) along with faculty Mr. Ted Curtin (C8), Mr. Mark Schofield (C5), Ms. Ieeda Rico (C1/2), Mrs. Nancy Garvey (MG), Mrs. Lynda Johnson (SF) and Mrs. Kam Anderson (BR), Mr. David Buskey (French), and Mr. John O'Meara (Latin & Woodworking).

(Apologies if I have left anyone out - as I previously stated, we had a terrific showing with many families and community members participating to share our school and I may have unintentionally forgotten to thank someone.)

Important Upcoming Events:

NEW Florida Indian River Groves Citrus Fundraiser
We have an exciting (and quick!) fundraising opportunity for WSCC - a citrus fundraiser where we literally enjoy the fruits of our labor! 
This is our first fundraiser of this kind with an opportunity to raise quite a bit of money for our programs.  It also differs from other fundraisers in that the entire shipment will be sent to the school for distribution in early December.  Although this will require a bit of work on our part, it also provides an opportunity for folks outside of our direct community to have a reason to visit us by coming to the school to pick up their orders.  In this sense, this is a true outreach effort in addition to the fundraising aspect because as many of us know from our own experiences, entering the school makes a lasting impression leaving us wanting to return. 

Please be sure to seek at least one or two families outside of our community to approach with this fundraising effort so that they too can come experience our school when picking up their order and be left with that feeling of wanting to return.  

2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Evening, Friday, Oct 28
The celebration begins at 6pm when we will enjoy pumpkin bisque ($3) prepared by our own Chef Peet, followed by pumpkin carving and lighting of the pumpkins.  Be sure to bring a pumpkin for carving and friends - this event is open to everyone.   Please no costumes. A fun seasonal event for our community to enjoy as well as welcoming friends, family and other members of the greater community to join us in celebrating the season.  This year we are asking that everyone joining us to please bring a non-perishable food item; we will take our donations to a local food pantry on behalf of our community.

Holiday Faire Planning Meetings, every Tuesday at 8:30 am
The planning has begun! All are encouraged and welcome to join the planning meetings; there is much work to be done every year, please join us if you can.
~Dina O'Neil, WCA Coordinator
Favorite Waldorf Quote:  "Many hands make light work."
It's time for a middle school d ance p arty!
Friday, Nov 4, 7-9:30 pm
The details:
There will be a $4 admission charge. 
Kids can each bring along one non-Waldorf friend.
All alumni and former Waldorf kids are invited too.
The dance will be held at school.

We will need 3 - 5 chaperones, so please volunteer if you can stay to supervise the  dancing !
Snacks are crucial to the success of any  dance ! If you can, please contribute to the snack table to sustain the  dancers . Drinks (bottles of water, seltzer) are appreciated too.
~Your Middle School Dance Party Coordinators, Zoe McInerney & Lisa Supka
The Wooden Box Spotlight
Do you remember the happiness and joy of bringing something home from school that you made?  For some reason I remember the angel created from paper, glue, and pasta during my early years in school. Yes, we used pasta and glued it onto paper. Then we painted it. I am not sure the pasta medium is still a thing, but I do remember that angel was displayed on our Christmas tree. One of the joys of teaching woodwork is to see the excitement and feeling of accomplishment that the children find in creating something beautiful.

In the next week or so, a few pencil boxes will be going home. The pencil box project was the first thing that the students in Mr. Schofield's class worked on. For most it was a yearlong project, and some are finishing theirs now. In woodwork, simply put, your project is done when you finish it. The hinges have to match, the wood must be smooth, and so on. Perfection is rarely achieved, but often strived for. Creating something lasting, that takes such a considerable amount of time, is a wonderful lesson for anyone.  And during that considerable time there are many lessons to be learned. How to be precise, how to visualize, how to work carefully, how to pace yourself and push yourself, how some things cannot be fixed no matter how you try, how to sand, how to cut, how to use tools, these are all part of the long list. And perhaps these days, it is more important than ever to learn how to work with your hands.

This year I have the pleasure of working with the third grade as well as the fourth. They will be honing their brand new woodworking skills making a small wooden tray. Fourth graders have begun their pencil boxes, while many in the fifth grade have moved on to their cherry wood forks and spoons. In the sixth grade most everyone will get to carve a wooden egg. In the seventh grade there are many bowls in progress. And finally, in the eighth grade class there is a large fleet of ships of all shapes and sizes coming together. With all that is happening it is shaping up to be an exciting year!

~John O'Meara, Woodworking Teacher
Wee Folk Raffle to Benefit the Waldorf School of Cape Cod
Meet the "Frost Family" hand stitched by Salley Mavor of Woods Hole. Salley creates her dolls and photographs them to illustrate her books, such as Pocket Full of Posies - A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes.and Felt Wee Folk - New Adventures. Salley created the original "Frost Family" especially for the Waldorf School. We are selling raffle tickets for $5 each or 5 for $20 and the winner will be drawn at the Holiday Faire on  November 19th . Purchase tickets online here:  Please share this link on any social media sites you use, and email to your friends. Anyone can enter and they do not need to be present at the Faire to win. If the winner lives too far away to pickup, the family will be lovingly wrapped and shipped. Visit Salley's website to learn more about the Wee Folk.
Waldorf students performing rapper at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, 2013
Dancing America Rapper Tournament 2016
Dance teacher Jan Elliott invites anyone interested in the centuries-old English tradition of Rapper Sword Dancing to attend the Dancing America Rapper Tournament (DART) in Davis Square, Somerville, on Saturday, November 12 from noon to 4pm.
Now in its 7th year, the tournament was inspired by similar British competitions. It provides an opportunity for rapper teams from near and far to gather, compete, socialize and learn new dances and figures. The theme changes each year - this year's theme is STAR WARS, and galactic shenanigans will abound as twelve teams compete for first prize.
Middle school rapper dancers, and any others curious about this fast-paced and exuberant dance form for teens and adults, can find a schedule and details at:
Last year a youth team, Bubble Rapper, took top honors. What will happen this year?


Pregnancy Yoga classes: Fridays  11.30-1pm in Falmouth at Homeport. Contact or call 774-392-6778.
Waldorf grad & 3 yr old son looking for childcare work:  12+ years childcare experience, reliable transportation, great references, flexible schedule. 
Looking for 1-2 more families (ideally in the Falmouth area) to sit for. Would be coming with my son, a very easy going 3 yr old boy.  Available daytime, evenings and weekends. 
Contact  Veronique Meriot
Latin and Ancient Greek Tutor. Available to work with students on an individual or small group basis at a mutually convenient location. The study of classical languages facilitates a more thorough understanding of modern ones such as English, and plays a significant role in producing more sensitive readers and writers. By studying Latin and Greek, students also considerably improve analytical and problem-solving skills, in addition to cultivating their vocabulary and memory. For more information regarding lessons, please contact Julia Messersmith by phone 774-722-0947 or e-mail  (    
Free! Conway Upright Piano:   H-55" D-27" W-58"  Solid oak -painted over the years,  photo available.  Located near downtown Falmouth off Woods Hole Rd.  Contact Margot, 508-540-3208
Free Cute Hamster: Includes cage with climbing tubes, water bottle, 1 bag of shavings and a small bag of food to get you started. Call Patty @ 774-521-9647 (Ms. Baugh's sister)
Pear Stalk Farm EGGS FOR SALE, at WSCC This Friday 9/30. Farm fresh eggs from chickens and ducks pasture raised on certified organic/non GMO grain.  Chicken eggs $6/dz; Duck eggs $7/dz. Call or email Tim to place your order 508-333-3332 or

Certified Wilson Language tutor with knowledge of Waldorf values and learning philosophies available for individual and small group lessons.  Located in Mashpee, I can meet with children at WSCC or another convenient location.  The Wilson philosophy delivers an evidence-based reading and writing curriculum through a structured, multi-sensory practice.  I will work collaboratively with Class Teachers to assess students' progress and specific needs.  Many Waldorf students have experienced success combining these approaches, especially children with Specific Learning Disabilities such as dyslexia.  Please contact Sharon Baird, or 774-236-9021 for more information.   


Please share these resources with your friends and family to really increase our payouts from these companies!

Don't forget Smile.Amazon! 
Remember to Smile before you shop at Amazon ... type every time you shop. If you have already added items to your cart and  remembered you forgot to Smile, you can still open a new window and type Smile.Amazon and it will go back to the page you were on. If you are new to Smile.Amazon, you must choose to support the Waldorf School of Cape Cod -type Waldorf School of Cape Cod and it will appear as "Waldorf Association."

Do You Shoparoo? 
I'll ask an easier question: do you grocery shop? If you purchase food and you have a smartphone, then you can Shoparoo. It's a new way to fundraise for our school. Download the free app to your smartphone, snap a picture of all your grocery receipts, and they add up to free money for the school. How does it work? Why do they do it? How much can we make? All of your questions will be answered on this webpage:
The main website is, but the FAQ page has all the details. If you are ready to sign up immediately, use this referral code: glan3542

Box Tops Box Tops for Education
Please snip those box tops and bring in what you have already collected ASAP. We send BoxTops twice a year. A collection container is at the front desk.
We will be sending them in during the month of October, so keep saving!

Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program
Your grocery shopping can pay money to the school, too, and you don't need to purchase anything specific. A portion of every dollar you spend goes to the school. Please go online to and log in to your Stop & Shop account to see if your card is still registered, or to add it. New cards can now be added online.
We should be receiving this year's check soon!


Waldorf School of Cape Cod


Mission Statement

 The Waldorf School of Cape Cod is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth  of each child so they may continue life's journey as free, capable and independent individuals. We are committed to the ideals, educational philosophy, concept of human development, and spiritual impulses set forth by Rudolf Steiner.


Philosophy Statement

 The Waldorf School of Cape Cod cultivates in the children a feeling of wonder, reverence for life, and respect for self and others through our curriculum, festivals, and sense of community. The teachers, staff, parents  and friends work together to support the children as they move forward in their intellectual, emotional, and social development. 


Watermarks is published on Wednesdays throughout the school year and distributed to all currently enrolled families, faculty, staff, and board members. The deadline for submissions is Monday at 3:00pm. Email articles to Sue Salvesen at All submissions should include your name, phone number, and email address. Submissions are subject to editing, and items that are not time-sensitive are printed as time and space permits. Annual subscriptions for those families not currently enrolled in the school are available for $25 to help offset the direct costs for paper, printing, and postage. Email subscriptions to Watermarks are free.